Calculation of the required length of the anchor chain when placing the vessel at one anchor
Holding force of the anchor device The holding force of the anchor is the smallest force that needs to be applied in
Bracelet with turquoise
Turquoise. Features, properties, varieties of mineral
Turquoise for Egypt is one of the oldest gems. The view of tourists who visited jewelry shops
Ametrine stone - who suits it according to their zodiac sign, properties and price
What is this stone? Ametrine (in literature it is also called two-color amethyst, bolivianite or
Rock crystal: a magic stone for every sign, healing properties
Description What rock crystal is can be understood by its chemical and physical characteristics. This is a breed
Wave color in the interior - TOP tips for choosing a shade. All the secrets of using sea waves in interior design
Aquamarine is a lightened shade of blue with a hint of green. It got its name from
The magic of silver
The magic of silver and gold, the magical properties of silver, gold for women and men, in combination with stones
Silver and gold have long been considered noble metals. The presence of them in a person in any form
Do-it-yourself aquarium stones: which ones can be used, processing, problems
Sandstone is one of the oldest building materials donated by nature itself. Built from this stone
heliotis stone properties
Heliotis, abalone - what is it. The magical properties of the stone, who suits the zodiac
Heliotis is a mother-of-pearl stone that comes from the shell of marine gastropods. He has
What is cinnabar and what properties does the stone have?
Stone type Industrial Prevalence (Deposits) Austria, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mexico, Russia, Slovenia, USA, Tajikistan,
Processed Rose Quartz
Beauty myths: why rose quartz and other miracle crystals are bad
What is rose quartz? The crystal was first discovered by miners in the Alps. He looked like
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