black dress
Accessories for a black dress - which jewelry to choose correctly
Coco Chanel also said that every self-respecting woman should have a small
Fashionable earrings 2021 - stylish accessories for a special occasion!
What earrings are in fashion in 2021-2022: photo. What gold and silver earrings are in fashion in 2021-2022: review of fashion models, photos
The perfect addition to any look are fashionable earrings for 2022. You need to select accessories from
Samples of shungite rock
Types of slate and its uses
Shales are metamorphic (altered) sedimentary (schistose) rocks, shales are formed from minerals with layered
How to turn a bracelet into an amulet: three recipes for happiness
Properties of the wish bracelet The red thread is a powerful talisman of ancient origin. Red color has long been
Lots of decorations
Symbolism in jewelry: the most famous symbols and their meaning
Symbolism in modern jewelry People tend to believe in miracles and magic, so jewelry
How to make a talisman, amulet or talisman with your own hands from various materials
People tend to believe in something, and it is faith that helps in difficult life situations, allows
Silver: properties, grades, coatings and features of the precious metal
In a previous article, TD Serebro talked about why some metals are considered precious. It turned out,
God Veles on a bear
Bear claw and the meaning of other bear amulets
The bear's claw is one of the most powerful amulets. In ancient times it was used by shamans and
Slavic runic signs of happiness and success: how to use amulets 
. The purpose of a money amulet is to attract money, finances and preserve them. Money amulet also
Technology of applying jewelry enamel to gold jewelry
If you want to be the owner of a unique piece of jewelry, buy jewelry with colored enamel. After all, even
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