Garnet hair color: types of shades and dyeing recommendations
January 4, 2019 Fashion trends Yulia Obolenskaya Not all girls, even in our time
Description of the Amber stone
Amber: magical properties, interesting facts about the stone
/ List of stones / Description of the stone Amber 0 6669 Article rating Stone Amber –
Wire jewelry - examples of making and options for decorating jewelry with your own hands (115 photos)
A fashionable and elegant accessory to any look will be homemade jewelry made from wire and large
Rich purple amethyst
Amethyst stone: magical properties, who is it suitable for, its colors? Earrings, rings for men and women, beads, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, jewelry with amethyst made of gold and silver: photos
Is amethyst a precious or semi-precious stone? The value of amethysts depends on the transparency of the crystals and their
A unique amethyst stone - a favorite of jewelers
Purple amethyst: properties of the stone, compatibility, influence on fate
This purple stone is difficult to confuse with other gems. It was amethysts that were worn by rulers thousands of years ago.
Rauchtopaz stone in jewelry and magical properties
An unusual brown shade, which can be diluted with golden inclusions, unique strength and a number of magical qualities,
Description and meaning of topaz - TOP useful properties of the stone of wisdom
Topaz is a stone of extraordinary beauty, which is distinguished by its variety of colors. Although
Ninth international competition of jewelry and stone-cutting art “Battle of Jewelers”
Ninth international competition of jewelry and stone-cutting art “Battle of Jewelers”
04/23/2021 Events The international competition of designer jewelry stone-cutting art has been held since 2013 on the Internet platform
“Golden Billion”: the jewelry industry is emerging from the crisis
Jewelry market in 2022: analysis and forecast
Analytics 07:00, 03/22/2019 9 Production of yellow metal products is growing for the second year, silver is becoming
Sayvit, Peru
Summary of the conversation “The Wonderful World of Sea Stones” for preschool children
Sayvit, Peru Another ancient representative of the wonderful world of stones. Located on the coast of the Apurimac River
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