How to make a pendant with your own hands: making a pendant or medallion
It would seem, why philosophize if jewelry for every taste and budget is sold in stores?
General information about natural stone, its properties and use in construction
Natural stone served as the main building material for primitive man. All ancient buildings: temples, palaces,
Kimberlite pipe or the largest hole in the Earth
Not everyone has ever heard of such a rather rare phrase as “kimberlite pipe”. Even those
Physical and chemical properties of granite
Granite - description, origin and properties of the rock
Reports and messages Miscellaneous Granite is a mineral of great popularity among durable natural rocks in
Unique pearls
TOP 8 facts about pearls - a precious mineral for virgins
Changeable fashion is sometimes surprisingly constant. And this most certainly applies to
Types and features of natural and artificial stone for interior decoration
History of stone and other names Stones had a cult meaning among ancient peoples. Wonderful power
Slavic rings. Types and features of Slavic rings
From time immemorial, people believed in the magical properties of various symbols. On their basis amulets were created,
How are stones mined? Extraction methods, description, photos and videos
Natural stone is a common building material, characterized by strength, durability and natural beauty. His
How to make a necklace from beads or pearls
How to make a necklace with your own hands: from pearls, amber, leather and other improvised materials
How to make a necklace from beads or pearls with your own hands Faux pearl jewelry is beautiful
stone therapy
Stone massage: types, recommendations, technique
In this material we will tell you about stone therapy - a procedure that even the most demanding person will appreciate.
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