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Date in 2022January 31, 2022, Monday
Celebrated:in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the world
Meaning:honoring representatives of the “precious” profession
Established:in 2008 in Tashkent at the festival of young jewelers
Traditions:exhibitions, master classes, discounts and promotions

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International Jeweler's Day is celebrated annually on January 31st. Since ancient times, jewelry has been an indicator of the standard of living, status, position in society, and taste. Expensive stones, both before and now, help to stand out from the crowd, show your level and originality. We see beautiful rings or chains with precious stones on the shelves of jewelry boutiques, but they go a very long way before they get to the windows. Today we will find out what kind of work jewelers do so that we can enjoy sparkling stones on our hands.


The first jewelers appeared a long time ago. People have always loved to decorate themselves, and if you are a rich person, then you simply have to stand out from other people by putting on something so that everyone around you understands that you are not made with a finger.

The first precious jewelry was made from materials such as shells, animal teeth, flowers, berries, leaves, and in general from everything that was easy to get. And then people realized that polished stones can also be very beautiful. So people began to wear stone talismans around their necks. As time passed, people improved their skills and polishing, which was previously used only for ordinary stones, began to be used for precious gems. Later, people discovered metals, which made it possible to make more attractive jewelry, moreover, it was lighter and, therefore, more convenient.

The birthplace of jewelry is Ancient Greece. In Ancient Greece, the first jewelers began to carve stones and later made jewelry from precious metals.

Investigating the history of the appearance of jewelers in Russia, historians have come to the conclusion that jewelry making began in the ninth century. Jewelry in Russia has always been highly valued; in the royal domains, the crown, scepter and orb were always made of jewelry.

The holiday itself, International Jeweler's Day, arose in 2002 at a festival in Kostroma. This festival was called “Golden Ring of Russia”. And six years later, this holiday was established in Tashkent.

When is International Jeweler's Day - January 31, 2022

Your job is difficult.
Jewelry is hard work. It’s hard for a jeweler, but only you work “very good”. And today, on Jeweler’s Day, I wish you love, But not only for diamonds and sapphires. In life, you can love everything!

Jewelry day in the country.. Where are you, jewelers? It's time to celebrate, we haven't forgotten you.

Congratulations in a cascade Will sound for you, Happiness, joy, good luck, Eyes like diamonds!

Diamond paths, The taste of a bright life, Skillful, careful hands, Clients who are not capricious.

I would like to wish tireless inspiration and tireless imagination to a person with such a beautiful profession. Let ideas come to you as often as possible, and the muse will settle right in the workshop. Stones - the purest water, metals - noble, success, prosperity, health and happiness. Happy Jeweler's Day!

Everyday worries bother everyone a little, But not only at work Let the days go by quickly,

Still try to rest, Cool master jeweler, Today try to arrange a feast for your friends,

It’s not for nothing that Jeweler’s Day has arrived today, Happiness, joy and peace, So that you are happy!

He can carve life out of metal, just like a fakir. To bring beauty is a calling. What the jeweler chose.

I want to congratulate the masters on their wonderful, glorious day. Everyone can be called a Jewelry King.

You can tell the difference between zirconium and sapphire, All because you are not an amateur, But a wonderful, wonderful jeweler, You are a real diamond in your business!

Let your work give you pleasure, May you create new masterpieces, I wish you a sea of ​​inspiration, And, of course, patience and strength!

On Jeweler's Day, we congratulate our good friend. May happiness surround you, We wish you more leisure.

Let your golden hands, And let your exquisite taste, Create incomparable things, So that only praise comes from your lips.

So that the ladies are delighted that they wear the creation of their hands. We wish you happiness, You are our precious friend!

In their hands, metal and stones are fabulously beautiful. Happy holiday to jewelers today.

I generously wish you exquisite products, May the precious path lead only to happiness.

Congratulations on Jeweler's Day, And we wish you a lot of patience, A wider purse of money, And inspiration in your work, May there be health, joy, and fun - May you move mountains with them, And may the dreams that matter come true for you very soon, May your eyes shine with happiness, like gold in the bright sun, but all your problems leave you, and you succeed in everything easily!

I wish you an exact eye, And my own diamonds, diamonds, I wish you to enjoy the beauty of your work, And always swim in gold.

May everything you need in this huge world come faster and remain forever. Happy Jeweler's Day!

Happy Jeweler's Day I want to congratulate you, goldsmiths, Your hands are also golden And this is not empty praise. Your work evokes admiration and we, without further ado, call it real art, worthy of real masters. I wish you success and good luck, May your collections be replenished with masterpieces, And may your descendants be reminded of your names by beautiful products.


Traditionally, jewelers from all over the world hold various exhibitions of their jewelry on this day. Masters meet to exchange experiences, discuss and congratulate. Those interested can attend lectures on jewelry making, and also, importantly, see how jewelry is prepared in practice. Few specialists decide to conduct master classes, since this is far from the cheapest pleasure.

All events of this day are necessarily held in a solemn atmosphere. Everything should be beautiful and rich.

It is also important that many jewelry stores offer discounts and promotions on this day. Agree that this is a very good reason to please your loved one with a beautiful gift.

Afanasyev Day, Afanasy the Clematis

Severe frosts set in on Afanasyev Day (Photo: hqphotografer, Shutterstock)

Old style date: January 18

Athanasius the Great, whose memory is celebrated on this day, is considered one of the fathers of the Greek church. He was archbishop of Alexandria in the 4th century.

Afanasy was nicknamed Clematis in Rus' because severe frosts occurred on his day. “Frost grabs the lazy by the nose, and takes off his hat in front of the nimble”

, people said, noting that in cold weather it is worth moving more.
There were other sayings about the weather: “On Afanasyev’s day there is the most heeling, the most frost”;
“Athanasius the clematis has come - take care of your cheeks and nose”; “The frost is not scary when your nose is covered .

There were many signs associated with Afanasyev Day. If the day turns out to be blizzard, you shouldn’t wait for early spring; The clear weather at noon suggested otherwise. If crows fly and circle in flocks, this means even more frost. The loud humming of the samovar also foreshadowed the cold. By the way, the cold was perceived without negativity: it was believed that the ground frozen in winter would produce more crops in the summer.

People believed that in the frosts of Afanasyevsk, witches fly to the Sabbath and there they lose their heads from excessive fun. When they return, they try to harm people. Therefore, on this day it was necessary to drive out evil spirits from homes.

Exactly at midnight, healers began to cast spells on the chimneys, through which, as it was believed, the witch could fly into the house. Ordinary men themselves drove out the evil spirits - they took whips, shafts and walked around the village with them, pounding on the walls of houses, stables and barns.

Name day on this day

Alexander, Afanasy, Vladimir, Dmitry, Evgeny, Emelyan, Efrem, Hilarion, Kirill, Ksenia, Maxim, Maria, Mikhail, Nikolay, Sergey

Interesting Facts

In the Orthodox faith there are patrons of jewelers. They are Saints Cosmas and Damian.

In Yakutia, Jewelers Day is different from other countries - it takes place there on October 23.

Only 42 works of the great master have survived to our times (there were 50 in total).

The basis of jewelry is very rarely made exclusively of gold or silver, since these materials are very soft and, therefore, not practical. Jewelers use various alloys in their work.

The most famous jeweler in the world is Carl Faberge. He created Easter eggs from precious stones and metals by order of the imperial family.

The most expensive egg from the collection of Carl Fabergé is the Rothschild Egg. This egg has a long history, as it was created back in 1902 and has survived to this day. Several years ago it was bought for 18.5 million dollars and is still kept in the Hermitage.

Famous jewelers

Let's take a look at some of the most famous names.


First of all, of course, Carl Faberge. The founder of the “jewelry” dynasty, originally from St. Petersburg. His most recognizable works are his Easter jewelry eggs.


Charles Tiffany. Founder of the American company Tiffani. Creator of the first jewelry catalog for retail sale.


Louis-Francois Cartier. He became famous thanks to his bold ideas in abstract and futuristic styles.


Book. A catalog of antique jewelry or a gift-bound book about jewelry making would be a good idea for a themed holiday gift.

Portrait. An exclusive portrait, made in a vintage or unusual modern style, will be an excellent gift for a creative person.

Sweet gift. A cake in the form of a precious decoration and with the emblem of a jewelry company will be an original gift that will come in handy for the holiday table.


“Happy professional day to you, dear jewelers! Your job is to give beauty. I wish you inspiration, creative success, joy, good luck, a rich and bright life! Then the fruits of your labor will definitely be unique and will give a holiday to so many.”

“We congratulate the jewelers on their professional holiday and wish them to have as many beautiful things in their lives as they do at work. Let what is not gold be silver, let in your hands be exactly the jewel that you need more than anything in the world.”

“When they say “hands of gold”, this is undoubtedly about the jeweler! Only a select few can create real works of art and elegant jewelry worthy of the most beautiful women with their own hands. And today we wish our jewelers inexhaustible inspiration, creative perfection and always excellent results from their painstaking work!

Jeweler's Day 2022 congratulations in verse

You deserve the most precious cut like no one else! Let it be showered with diamonds. The wife will have a coat! Let the noble car shine with sapphires! We congratulate you today on the Day of the Golden Jeweler!

Mister Chief, you deserve better! On the jewelry holiday, you will succeed! Let your life sparkle like a bright diamond, May all your goals be instantly successful!

Your golden hands have created quite a lot of beauty! You can be proud of these precious things. After all, they bring us all joy! Happy Jeweler's Day! Let this day take away your worries, And let everything in life be “the way”!

Jeweler, we congratulate you on this day, before the New Year is your holiday, we are not at all lazy to wish good things, if only you were healthy, our dear! Please us with your creations more often, that’s beauty! I want them all to be mine! And then my dream will come true!

I wish you inspiration, you need it so much! You give your works to all of us! And I congratulate the jeweler with all my heart! The whole world adores you, hurry to please us!

Your work is amazing, all the decorations are amazing! Congratulations, jeweler, you have conquered the whole world! On your day, we wish you patience, more happiness and skill, even if you don’t need it! Come on, work, keep it up!

Let the work bring a positive charge. After all, every person is happy with the product. Happiness to jewelers and good health and work only in the best conditions! Let the demand for jewelry grow and jewelry production will find demand. Patience in your painstaking work, you bring beauty to this world!

Let your jewelry work be appreciated. After all, nothing can replace jewelry. We wish you always orders and new ideas for many years to come! As if from a fairyland Rings, earrings, chains are full of goodness. You fulfill all orders with soul and love. May all the best happen to you!

You give a cut to the stone and create your jewelry masterpieces. You are good at your business, I wish you to be able to reach all heights! You make jewelry skillfully. This is not a hobby, but your great work. It will be a joy for you to be a jeweler. So let life be sweet!

Each work is like a masterpiece. You are a jeweler with a capital J and an example. We would like to congratulate you on the holiday. Success in your work and great fees! Your talent is truly unique. Your products are unique and universal. To be a jeweler is your calling. May your gift bring you fortune!

Jeweler's Day - January 31, 2022

Jeweler's Day is celebrated on January 31, 2022 - congratulations, poems, postcards, pictures, history, date of the holiday.

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Picture for Jeweler's Day

On January 31, a wonderful holiday is celebrated - Jeweler's Day, when everyone is allowed to exalt talented people who are capable of creating beauty. The ancient Egyptians back in the 3rd century BC. e. mastered this art, their massive gold jewelry was a symbol of power, so only the nobility wore them. And in Russia, the first jewelers appeared only in the 15th century, and these also came from Greece. And only Peter I at the beginning of the 18th century opened a factory in Peterhof where industrial processing of precious stones began.

The beauty of stones is felt by real jewelers. Their golden hands create masterpieces: stones, framed in a skillful frame, play and shimmer, captivating with their beauty. Only true masters are capable of creating a work of art from an uneven piece of glass or a piece of precious metal. Jewelers have their own patrons: in Orthodoxy these are Saints Cosmas and Damian, and among Catholics they are Saint Dostan.

One of the oldest professions When the conversation once again comes up about the oldest profession, be less categorical in your conclusions, we are not talking about women of easy virtue. Perhaps one of the oldest and most respected professions is that of a jeweler. People have always chosen their jewelry with special care and always needed beautiful attributes. Even the most ancient ancestors of man processed stones using the simplest tools, turning them into masterpieces of that time and historical treasures that have survived to our times.

Among the valuable exhibits are beads made from the teeth of predatory animals, jewelry made from shells and stones. According to tradition, the most valuable and expensive jewelry was worn by the leader. It’s unlikely that these things can be called real art; rather, they are simply status items, as they would say now – image things. By the way, this practice is still widespread. A striking example is expensive watches, which are unlikely to serve as a source of accurate time, but rather demonstrate the status of their owner.

The birthplace of jewelry art As for jewelry art, this craft was born in Greece. It was on the shores of Ancient Hellas that they first learned to process stones and combine precious metals and gems. The masterpieces from Greece that have reached us leave an indelible impression. Pearls, amber and semi-precious stones were used as the main materials for jewelry. If the pearls weren't big enough, they worked like elegant embroidery for outerwear.

Centers of jewelry making in Russia But let's move from Greece to Kievan Rus, or rather to the Vladimir-Suzdal principality of the 9th century. It was in this territory that jewelry art received the greatest development over the course of three centuries. Already in the 18th and 19th centuries, the most popular centers of jewelry craft were Vologda and Kostroma, Moscow and Veliky Novgorod, Pskov and Yaroslavl, and, of course, St. Petersburg.

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