The meaning of rings on fingers: what rings tell about a person’s character

We are so accustomed to wearing jewelry on our hands that sometimes we don’t notice the rings on women’s fingers or don’t attach any importance to them.

In the meantime, if you pay attention to what jewelry a woman wears and on what fingers, you can learn quite a lot of interesting things about her. The same goes for rings on men's fingers.

We invite you to find out what jewelry can tell you.

General signs about rings

Every nation has dozens of signs associated with rings.
Interesting! Moreover, every nation has common signs with the same meaning.
Unfortunately, not all signs have reached us, and the meaning of some has changed. The most common signs:

  1. The ring is the most important and strongest amulet. It is believed that a vicious circle can protect the wearer from illnesses and induced evil eyes. Of course, not all negative influences can be dealt with by simple jewelry, but the more noble the metal of the item, the stronger the amulet.
  2. Family rings and rings bring good luck. The older such a thing is, the stronger its energy and the more significant the influence it has on the fate of the ward.
  3. Losing a ring should not be seen as a tragedy. Of course, it’s a pity for an expensive (in every sense) thing, but people knowledgeable in astral affairs claim that the ring carried away a serious negative impact or removed a sin.
  4. Finding a jewel is considered a lucky omen . It is believed that a girl who finds a gold ring will soon receive a marriage proposal. However, esotericists advise washing such a find with holy water, soaking it for a day in vodka or running water in order to remove the negative energy of the previous owner and not take on someone else’s fate.
  5. In the superstitions of all nations, it is strictly forbidden to let a stranger try on your ring . In a short time of contact with someone else's energy, you can manage to damage or transmit a disease.
  6. Women in labor were instructed to wear thick, wide jewelry to avoid premature birth. It was believed that the ring closed the path to the child and protected against miscarriage.
  7. You cannot give a widow's ring as a gift to your daughter or daughter-in-law: it is assumed that the widow's fate will overtake the young bride. However, the decoration can become a talisman if it is inherited by the daughter-in-law after the death of the mother-in-law.

On which fingers to wear rings with stones?

If you believe in the energy and influence of precious stones on a person’s life, it will be useful for you to know which stones should be worn on which fingers. So, you should put a sapphire ring on your index finger. As we already know, jewelry on the index finger is a symbol of power and self-realization. Sapphire is also an excellent assistant in such matters. Therefore, if you lack professional or creative success, feel free to put a sapphire ring on your index finger!

Rings with stones (go to the SUNLIGHT catalog)

Those who lack happiness in their personal life are recommended to wear a ring with a garnet or ruby ​​on their ring fingers. Ruby, carnelian and garnet are stones of the heart, love and passion; a ruby ​​ring will help the owner find harmony and balance in the personal sphere. In addition to ruby ​​and garnet, a ring with pearls, a stone of emotions and feelings, will be a great help here.

Jewelry with topaz can also be worn on the ring name - but to gain positive emotions and happiness in everyday life. The bright, sunny color of the stone will attract positive energy to you.

A ring with an emerald can be worn on the little finger - the stone will help in the development and discussion of important business projects and will strengthen any business relationship. In addition, owners of jewelry with emerald are considered very creative people - for example, Marlene Dietrich wore a ring with this stone on her little finger.

Marlene Dietrich jewelry

For peace of mind and balance, you should put an amethyst ring on your middle finger. But you cannot wear this stone all the time, otherwise all its positive effects will turn into negative ones.

Finally, diamond rings. It is correct to wear a ring with a diamond on the middle or ring finger - this way these sparkling stones will attract the most attention, they will shimmer and shine brighter than all other jewelry.

The influence of rings on fingers on personality and destiny

Even if a ring or other jewelry is chosen without any hidden meaning, it has an impact on a person’s fate . Our ancestors firmly believed that the ring is a conductor of energy, and what position it occupies on the hand is important.

On the right or left

In Russia, the symbol of love and fidelity is worn on the ring finger of the right hand , although recently, under the influence of globalization, many young couples prefer to wear the jewelry on the left.

In addition to Russia, wedding rings on the right hand are worn in the following countries:

  • Austria;
  • Belgium;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Germany;
  • Greece;
  • Denmark;
  • Colombia;
  • Latvia;
  • Norway;
  • India;
  • Poland;
  • Ukraine.

Which finger to wear

There are practically no significant restrictions on where exactly to place the decoration. The signs concern only the ring finger of the right hand: it is believed that an unmarried girl should not occupy the finger intended for a wedding ring . It was believed that in this way she alienated her betrothed.

Gold or silver

Traditional opinion: silver is more suitable for young girls . Men do not neglect silver either. Gold is often perceived as a sign of a married adult woman.

Jewelry in palmistry

Palmistry as a science appeared a long time ago, because people have always been interested in the meaning of the lines on the palms. Character and important events in life can be determined by the shape of fingers and hands. Each phalanx has its own meaning and influences people’s lives and choices in its own way. Therefore, the placement of rings on the fingers of a woman or a man can balance the positive and negative personality traits.

Palmists divided the entire palm into nine regions and gave each a name in honor of the ancient Olympian gods. They will also explain the meaning of wearing women’s rings on their fingers:

  • big - willpower and strength of mind;
  • index - ability to organize;
  • medium - analytical thinking and sense of responsibility;
  • the nameless one is responsible for creative urges;
  • The little finger is the art of eloquence.


The ring must be selected for a specific finger. If a piece of jewelry of any size was purchased and the woman simply chooses which phalanx it will sit on, then in this case the meaning is not interpreted. The thumb in palmistry is named after the god of war - Mars, but sometimes it is given the name of the goddess of love. It received its second name because it is located near the Mount of Venus on the palm, but next to it is also the region of Mars.

A girl should put a ring on her large phalanx if she wants to assert herself. The ring denotes the development of logical thinking, emotionality and internal energy. At the same time, decoration can pacify temper and outbursts of rage, overcome anger and discontent. The ring will balance internal sensations and give harmony with the outside world.

A massive ring on the right hand indicates that the woman is used to dominating and is not ashamed of her power. She understands her sexuality and uses it, but in moderation. A woman with a ring on her thumb will not waste time on petty disputes and scandals; she is wise and a little cunning. Men often pay attention to such girls; they are attracted by the ability to present themselves and the fact that the lady knows her worth.

Index ring

At the base of the index finger lies the Mount of Jupiter. Many people are interested in what a ring on the index finger means, because celebrities often wear jewelry this way. A ring on the phalanx can mean a thirst for power and an increased sense of self-esteem. It is better to wear jewelry this way for girls who are aware of their excessive modesty and shyness. The ring will develop the lady’s intuitive abilities and self-confidence, and will help her achieve certain successes in her career.

A big role is played by which hand the accessory is on . The right side emphasizes prudence, analytical thinking and leadership qualities. The girl will be able to better identify cause-and-effect relationships and will become wiser and more decisive. The jewelry is worn on the left hand by people prone to hysterics and scandals, emotional and vulnerable women. Sometimes a ring on the finger of the left hand is a symbol of megalomania.

If you put it on the phalanges of both hands, it means determination and strong character. Such a person is able to overcome any obstacles on the path to his dream, even to the point of neglecting moral laws and principles.

Middle and unnamed

The middle finger is under the protection of Saturn. It is necessary to put a ring on it for those who are not confident in themselves and constantly fail. The ring will help you overcome difficulties in family life, career, and will allow you to achieve certain successes. The decoration indicates the girl’s desire to please and earn the praise of others.

Family heirlooms are usually worn on the middle finger . The ring will strengthen family ties and attachment to loved ones, strengthen relationships with friends. The spiritual strength of previous generations will reduce the negative impact on the girl’s fate, increase her material wealth and diversify her inner world.

The ring finger is under the influence of the god Apollo or the Sun. The ring is worn by people striving for fame, power, comfort, and exquisite things. There is nothing wrong with a woman striving for an expensive life. But some zodiac signs, such as Leo and Scorpio, are better off not putting a ring on their ring finger. Their quarrelsome nature, pride and selfishness develop even more.

A small decoration will make a girl more balanced, calm and decisive. A large ring with bright stones will add emotionality, romance, sensuality and even a little frivolity. Confident people wear this accessory on the ring finger. If another one is put on top of the wedding ring, then this means a strong attachment to the other half and a large role of family in a woman’s life.

Solar energy will make a girl brighter and more successful, help her move up the career ladder and achieve creative success.

Decoration on the little finger

Unstable and slightly unbalanced individuals put rings on the Mercury finger - the little finger. The ring will emphasize gambling, a tendency to intrigue, and dexterity of thinking. It is best to wear rings on the fingers of a woman at a young age. And also jewelry is suitable for creative people - artists, actresses, singers. They love to be the center of attention, have a bright appearance, the ability to conduct conversations and entertain others.

But a business lady can also wear jewelry on her little finger. The accessory will help you conduct business negotiations correctly, add persistence and determination, make your mind more flexible and your thinking more diplomatic. You should not put many rings on this phalanx at once, as this will make the girl frivolous and flighty.

How to wear a talisman ring

Owners endow many jewelry with supernatural powers. Often this happens unconsciously; in such cases they say that the ring seemed to invite you to come to you, or after trying on the rest of the jewelry even lost its appearance.

Along with elemental amulets, there are church and esoteric amulets - people with special energy work with them before the items go on sale.


Jewelry with prayers has long come into use. A few points to know before purchasing :

  1. A ring with a prayer will protect the owner only if his faith is sincere. If a non-believer buys such a ring, then one should not count on the protection of the amulet - it will just be a beautiful accessory, nothing more.
  2. Try to purchase them in shops at a temple or church store - then the ring will be guaranteed to be consecrated properly. In a jewelry store, the ring must have the appropriate certificate.
  3. A ring without such a certificate must be consecrated by contacting a priest.
  4. The symbol of faith helps strengthen the human spirit through a constant reminder of the Lord.
  5. To wear the ring, you should choose your right hand.


Wedding rings are used when performing the sacrament of marrying a couple , and they do not necessarily look like wedding rings. They must be approved by the priest who will perform the sacrament.

Interesting! For the wedding they chose modest jewelry, devoid of expensive stones, with a laconic design. Jewelry alloy is absolutely not suitable - only high-grade precious metal, since gold and silver are able to absorb the grace of the Lord and bless the couple.

The right ring finger is the traditional position for wedding rings in our country . With their right hand, true believers make the sign of the cross over themselves; moreover, according to the Christian worldview, it is from the ring finger that the shortest path to a person’s heart goes, and accordingly, grace reaches the Orthodox heart faster.

With runes and esoteric signs

Runic jewelry is the strongest amulets, but without the faith of the owner they lose their potential, the same applies to things of an esoteric nature. The owner’s faith is the strongest energy boost of any amulet.

wear rings on one or more fingers , but the place has an important influence on a person:

  • a jewel on the ring finger helps in finding happiness, warmth, and creative potential;
  • on the little finger enhances creative energy and self-expression;
  • on the middle finger helps to gain stability and harmony, calmness;
  • on the index finger strengthens willpower, pride and independence.

With stone

Rings with stones can enhance certain character traits and become a guarantee of success in financial and love affairs. But the stone for such decoration must be selected very carefully.

What does the ring on the middle finger mean?

Palmists believe that the middle finger is the axis of personal stability. This finger is responsible for the sensory sphere. It is ruled by Saturn - the planet of fate, control and management. Living in an era of changing priorities, many people choose the middle finger to wear jewelry to stabilize emotions and life.

Here is the characteristic of a person who wears a ring on his middle finger:

  1. Doesn't make rash decisions.
  2. He easily finds a common language with people and is an excellent conversationalist.
  3. Does not enter into conflicts.
  4. Reasonable, knows how to learn lessons from life.
  5. Suppresses aggression and cruelty.

People who wear a ring on their middle finger are prone to narcissism. The larger the decoration, the brighter and more confident the person is. Family jewelry is often worn on the middle finger. This allows you to establish a connection with your family, ancestors and roots.

People who consider themselves chronic losers may wear a ring on their middle finger. This will allow you to resist in the fight against circumstances and improve your life.

Please note that:

  1. The ring on the middle finger of the right hand means confidence in one’s own irresistibility.
  2. On the left hand there is a tendency to make hasty and rash decisions.

Spiritual teachers often wear rings on their middle fingers. If a person puts rings on the middle fingers of both hands, then he has entrusted his fate to providence, is prone to fatalism and is detached from the surrounding reality. Choose rings with opals that can control passion.

Family jewelry is often worn on the middle finger: Pixabay

Why do men wear a wedding ring on their left hand?

Most often this is due to inconvenience during work. Jewelry can cause a work-related injury; in such cases, a man either refuses it altogether or prefers to wear it on his left hand.

Rings have long been considered not only a beautiful accessory - it was a means of identifying “friends” in various cults and organizations. They served as decorations and a sacred role, acting as amulets - this function has been preserved in our times.

Wearing rings on the index finger (Jovian)

In palmistry, the index finger on the hand is responsible for will, pride, ego, strong character, ambition and power, so it was not without reason that famous rulers and priests wore them on this finger, which allowed them not only to achieve well-known power, but also honor. Wearing a ring on the index finger means it will increase the owner’s self-esteem, allow him to be more confident, add determination, insight, bring success and good luck to life, and strengthen a person’s leadership qualities.

Signet rings on fingers

  1. The first ring in the form of a lattice with a crown – “Passed the Leningrad Crosses” (“Otritsalovka”).
  2. The second ring is in the shape of a rhombus, with the halves painted over, the upper part of the rhombus on the right is painted over and the lower part of the rhombus on the left is painted over, and the square frame of the rhombus is also painted over - the tattoo means a criminal record.
  3. The third ring in the form of a painted rectangle or square with a white diagonal stripe, and a crown on top - means “Borzo passed the juvenile age” (VTK thief)
  4. The fourth ring – clubs – is most likely “the suit of a thief” or “convicted for theft” (authoritative in the criminal world, prone to forming criminal groups).

Is it possible to wear other people's rings?

The answer to the question of whether you can wear someone else's gold rings depends on who the ring belonged to and what kind of relationship you have with the previous owner. For example, if a teenage girl wears her mother’s rings, nothing bad or terrible will happen for both of them - unless the girl loses one of the jewelry.

Rings of dead people are a completely different matter. You should not wear the ring of a deceased person if it is “charged” with bad energy - for example, the deceased was seriously ill, or the ring was with him in the morgue. But if the jewelry is too expensive, and you strongly believe in omens, the jewelry can be “cleansed” of all bad things with the help of a special ritual.

In the same way, you can wear a ring after the death of your husband. Of course, this question is a purely personal matter for the widowed woman, but it is unlikely that anyone will condemn her for the memory of her deceased spouse. If a woman is still afraid of being judged, she can wear a ring on a chain around her neck and hide it under her clothes - the memory of her husband will always be with her, but no one will see it.

Author of the article: Alexandra Tsiklauri

What do rings on your thumbs say: influence and meaning

  • Rings on these fingers have long been worn by noble people who sought to emphasize their authority and power. This is the stamp of very temperamental and strong-willed people who will stop at nothing for the sake of their goal.
  • They always have their own opinion and strive for individualism. This is the finger of Mars, so such people are assertive and determined. But they often assert themselves at the expense of others and love to lead in all respects. Sometimes it is difficult for them to restrain aggression.
  • This finger is chosen by very stubborn individuals who do not know how to work in a team and have a lot of ambition and energy to achieve their goals. It is believed that those who wear rings on their thumbs most often occupy the position of commander.

Right or left finger

In this meaning, it does not matter which finger you choose to wear the ring - the interpretation is the same. Even in Ancient Greece, it was believed that the thumb was chosen by both men and women with a masculine character and inflated self-esteem. This place indicates perseverance, willpower and self-assertion, as well as hot temper. But for women, this may also indicate that the owner of the ring is not completely satisfied with the intimate part of her life.

Chinese philosophy has a different opinion. The ring on the Yin thumb (left) represents confidence, and the ring on the Yang thumb (right) represents flexible character and quick adaptation to people.

Conclusion: This finger should be chosen by those who want to emphasize their authority and gain a charge of inner strength. This finger also attracts wealth.

In the modern world, rings are worn on different fingers solely for beauty and fashion reasons. Although, perhaps unconsciously, everyone chooses their own finger, which, from a psychological point of view, reveals desires or certain character traits. And, as we found out, wearing rings on certain fingers can enhance the qualities you need.

Pinky ring - relationships

© dextorTh/Getty Images

The ring on the little finger is a symbol of connection with other people and


Located opposite the independent thumb, it symbolizes our relationship with others, intimacy and our friends.

Wearing a ring on your active hand improves your communication skills and helps you express yourself. On the passive hand, the ring enhances intuition, harmonizes the biofield and promotes deep understanding


On the little finger, it is recommended to wear rings made of silver, precious stones or copper, but not gold.

What do the rings on the ring fingers say: meaning

  • Officially, this is the relationship finger, as rings on the ring fingers of any hand symbolize love, marriage and creativity.
  • It is this finger that speaks of a romantic and dreamy personality who strives for beauty and has a gentle character.
  • A person wearing a ring on this finger is a good conversationalist who can laugh and cry heartily. They also always have a large supply of ideas in their heads. Such people strive for fame, recognition and luxury.
  • Much attention should be paid to design. A small and no-frills decoration will give peace and balance. But a bright engraving or a large picture/stone can enhance your emotionality.

Right finger

In some countries, including our country, this finger is intended for a marriage ring, or in the event of an engagement. It can also be a sign of abstinence. That is, when a young man or girl does not plan to start a family and tie the knot. In this case, it can be called a chastity or purity ring. But it is also believed that this finger is responsible for creative success and potential, happiness and good luck. Although this finger is chosen by those who lack optimism or need additional fuel.

Left finger

The left ring finger is reserved for marriage in many Western countries. If we talk about psychology, then this finger is chosen by those who need additional creativity and energy. The left hand is ruled by the Moon (silver) and the right side by the Sun (gold). Therefore, you should not wear a silver ring on your finger if you are not married - it causes personal difficulties.

Chinese philosophy, on the other hand, offers a different approach. Yang (right hand) is a sign of learning ability. You can teach skills to others easily and effectively. Yin (left hand) means that a relationship has gone bad, you are divorced or experiencing widowhood.

Conclusion: In any case, this ring is necessary for those who need inspiration and attention.

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