Jewelry training. How to mold a wax jewelry model?
Parts must withstand heavy loads (pouring, removal from the workpiece). To give the wax the necessary qualities
Rules and subtleties of choosing men's and women's chains
There are two main criteria by which a chain is chosen – one’s own preferences and convenience. Chains
Polishing gold and silver - 4 proven methods
Why is polishing white gold bad? While rhodium plating makes
Jewelry collections from famous brands
Elite jewelry from world brands Jewelry has the amazing ability to give a woman special attractiveness and beauty.
Silver jewelry Power of nature - page No. 1
A miracle of nature For several seasons now, fashion for jewelry with
How to invest in diamonds without getting scammed
About legislation How to buy an unmounted diamond without breaking the law? Expert commentary During
What is a flask? Jewelry flasks, their purpose in jewelry art
Opoka is a rock composed of fine-grained opal silica. Usually these are dense, light (voluminous
The meaning, healing power and magical properties of rhodonite stone
Story. Origin In the Urals, even before the discovery of deposits of this mineral there, people sometimes found
Jewelry factory Adamas, its jewelry and their features
Response from the Bank of Russia to the League of Pawnshops about the “repledge” operation
Conference of the League of Pawnshops. Day two The second day of the annual XXII conference of the League of Pawnshops brought participants
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