Fashionable jewelry 2022 spring-summer. Review of trends from the catwalks.
Jewelry has been fashionable at all times. People have always tried to make their appearance more
baking soda
How to clean silver with baking soda: effective ways and methods
Home page » Home and comfort » Caring for jewelry Author of the article: Svetlana Pavlikhina
claddagh rings
Claddagh Ring. The legend of the Claddagh Ring and its photo
There is a huge amount of jewelry in the world. Since ancient times, people have been wearing
Belomorite deposits
the Turks call it “black stone”, and we use it in a wooden, metal or plastic frame, 8 letters, 2 letters “A”, crossword clue
Category Silicate minerals Name in English. Belomorite Formula (Na,Ca)(Si,Al)4O8 Group Feldspar Group Color
How pomegranate grows: natural environment, growing at home, care recommendations and photos
November 26, 2018 Garden plants Mikhail Probably, any person has seen, and most have also
Geode and druse: unusual jewelry with magical properties. Amazing geode: how amethysts and crystal grow inside ordinary stones
During the natural processes of formation of the earth's crust or rock formations, spherical cavities are formed. On
Real ruby ​​(stone): how to distinguish from a fake
In the photo: a ruby ​​from Burma weighing 2.56 carats. Has not been refined From this article
Synthetic topaz
How to identify real topaz at home
BIG DIFFERENCE: TREATED OR ARTIFICIAL Processed stones stand apart from real and fake gems.
Costume jewelry looks beautiful and is a worthy alternative to products made from precious materials
How to clean jewelry from darkening using improvised means
Rules for storing costume jewelry Video Costume jewelry is an alternative to jewelry made from precious metals. She looks
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Hotline Golden 585, how to write to support?
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