585 sample
Characteristics of 585 gold, what does this marking mean?
Post updated: May 28, 2020 Various jewelry made by skilled jewelers always attract
Yakhont - the stone of rulers and ancient fashionistas
Yakhont is an outdated collective name for precious stones belonging to the group of blue and corundum
Hallmarks on gold from different countries: what hallmark markings look like on jewelry
Home | Links | Useful materials | Brands and modifications of the Nagan revolver in Tula
What is a carat and where does it come from - how does the carat affect the price
Price for synthetic analogues Industrial production of artificial rubies is established in the USA, Great Britain, France, Switzerland
The best silver products from Aliexpress: TOP 17 popular accessories
Exquisite silver items have always attracted attention. This metal attracts with its sophistication and nobility.
Replacing wedding rings: should we believe superstitions?
Throughout life, most people experience situations when, under the influence of some factors, weight
Presentation on the surrounding world “In the world of stone” for 2nd grade. Educational complex "Planet of Knowledge" presentation for a lesson on the world around us (grade 2) on the topic
What are stones? Origin of stones Stones are solid bodies belonging to non-living rock.
Brazed filigree
Scan jewelry equipment in the village of Krasnoe-on-Volga, Kostroma region
Types of jewelry filigree Depending on the technique used to create a work of art, there are several types of filigree.
products with precious stones
Fantastic facts Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine
In jewelry, gems have been used as inserts in jewelry for hundreds of years.
How to choose ring sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16, 17, 19 on Aliexpress?
Among all gifts and jewelry, rings are considered especially prestigious and in demand. They don't deliver
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