Three shades of blue: topaz Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue

According to Colored Stone magazine, the popularity of topaz has grown so much that today this stone is “treading on the heels” of sapphire, which has always been the number one colored stone in the world. Combined with its low price, this makes it popular among both jewelers and jewelry buyers.

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Perhaps, topazes have only one “but”: stones of deep blue color, not to mention blue ones, are almost never found in nature. So how then do topazes come in incredibly beautiful and vibrant shades - Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue?

Description of the stone

Topaz is a sky blue crystal.
Sky Blue Topaz is the lightest of the blue crystals. Initially, this mineral may have almost indistinguishable reflections of a heavenly hue, visible only in the sun, or be completely transparent.

It is given rich color through processing. Gems are exposed to high temperatures or radiation.

The stone's strength is second only to diamonds and sapphires. The bluish color is given to it by oxygen vacancies formed as a result of structural defects.

Distinctly blue crystals are rare in nature but highly prized. Thanks to the mineral’s ability to refract sunlight (high dispersion), topaz began to be used in jewelry.

Origin story

Swiss topaz
The name Swiss topaz reflects the origin of the stone (“Swiss”). The only area where the purest blue topazes were found was the Swiss Alps. Today, their deposits have dried up, and the likelihood of finding swiss-colored stones is practically reduced to zero.

The demand for blue and blue-colored topazes has given rise to a proposal from gemologists to refine colorless stones and pale-colored crystals. Initially, the minerals were subjected to heat treatment and saturation with blue reagents. This technique did not provide good quality - the samples could turn out dull and lose their natural transparency. It was also not always possible to achieve the desired shade.

Stone deposits

The Ural sources are drying up, but the gem is actively mined in other places. The deposits are located in the south of Transbaikalia, the island of Madagascar and Sri Lanka, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Australia, Germany, and the USA.

In addition, the crystal is produced artificially, growing under special conditions in the laboratory. The process is expensive and takes a long time.

Artificial stone has a greater gloss and is cheaper in cost than natural stone.

Variegated mix

The shape of the crystals at different deposits varies.

Esotericists believe that topazes have subtle energy. Asceticism, fasting, and spiritual practices will help you tune in to it.

The color of the stones is unstable. Over time, the crystals fade. Especially if the stone is exposed to prolonged exposure to the sun and elevated temperatures. The latter include baths and saunas.

The beauty of Murza topazes cannot be described. And you can admire them at the Mining Institute and at the Mineralogical Museum of the Academy of Sciences.

There is a “heavyweight” in the world weighing 22,000 carats. His name is "Princess of Brazil". If you're in New York, you can admire it at the Natural History Museum.

Used to determine hardness on the Mohs scale.

Typically, topazes, when they are of normal size, are diamond-cut on top and step-cut on the bottom, and the platform is sometimes rounded.

Rauchtopaz has nothing to do with real topaz.

Healing properties

Blue topaz has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body and increases vitality. The gem is recommended to be worn for nervous disorders, diseases of the genitourinary system and female pain. This gem will help cope with depression.

The mineral helps clear the mind, relieves insomnia and nightmares. Healers use it to diagnose diseases and treat pathologies of internal organs - kidneys, liver, gall bladder, spleen, etc. Topaz improves vision, it is used to heal some eye diseases.

The crystal prevents seizures, therefore it is used for epilepsy, protects the body from intoxication and poisoning. If you bring it to a bleeding wound, the bleeding will stop faster. Blue topaz beads will help treat throat diseases.

It is believed that the mineral increases sexual desire and can protect against infertility. In addition, it increases the body's immune strength and has a positive effect on the condition of the musculoskeletal system.

Mineral to increase sexual desire.

Compatibility with names and zodiac signs

Blue topaz can be both beneficial and harmful. You should choose a gem only if it matches the energy of the owner.


Sky Blue is especially suitable for Scorpios. The mineral increases self-control, helps build communications with others, and neutralizes the negative character traits inherent in people of this sign. Sky blue topaz helps its owner look at life with clear eyes, solve problems more easily, increases self-control, and opens the way to self-knowledge.


For Cancers, gemstones made from blue or green topaz will provide support and help in developing multi-step strategies to quickly achieve goals.


It gives people under the zodiac sign Pisces a harmonious state of mind, lightness, and serenity. It protects against treachery, dangers, and troubles due to the fact that it serves its owner as a talisman.

Topaz as a talisman for the signs of Pisces.


Astrologers advise Sagittarius to wear heavenly-colored topaz in combination with other precious stones. This will contribute to success in career, love and other areas.


For Taurus, the crystal will become a guide to life. Used as a talisman, it will protect against gossip and the evil eye.


For Libra, blue topaz will cleanse and strengthen the energy field. With its help you can achieve incredible luck and become an independent person.

Other signs

Other signs are advised to take a closer look at topazes of other shades. For example, Leo - to red, Aries - to lilac, golden, Gemini - to transparent.

Precious or not?

The first question often asked by beginners who are just starting their acquaintance with gemology - the science of precious and semi-precious stones: “Is Topaz a precious or semi-precious stone?” It’s worth mentioning right away that this gem belongs to the group of semi-precious ones. However, this fact should not disappoint people whose hearts he has already won irrevocably. Topazes have long attracted people with their diversity, richness of colors and wide possibilities for their acquisition.

Of course, topaz looks great, and at first you might think that it is a precious mineral. However, any natural stone, from which a number of real jewelry can subsequently be obtained, is rarer, more expensive and less accessible to a wide range of consumers. But the properties of topaz, its types and colors are in no way inferior to expensive analogues in terms of brilliance and splendor. Of course, subject to the sale of a natural specimen processed by a good craftsman.

Cost and favorable time to purchase

Prices for products with Sky Blue topaz are low; the stone can be found on the same shelf with granite or quartz. Much depends on the size, purity, color saturation, cutting method - classic 57 or 17 facets or more complex ones - oval, heart, marquise. The cost of 1 carat starts at $10, however, rare large stones are valued highly - from $700 or more.

The natural mineral is combined not only with gold, but also with noble silver or durable titanium. The cost of such jewelry is significantly lower, but they are no less powerful.

You can also always purchase a natural stone separately and use it as an amulet. It will improve the energy of its owner, surprise with its intricate shape and expressive shine.

By purchasing topaz as a gift for yourself or a loved one, especially in honor of an important event, you can further enhance its magical and healing properties.

An amulet with topaz will improve a person’s energy.

Varieties of shades

There are three main varieties of Swiss topaz shades, differing in origin and cost:

  • Sky Blu is the lightest blue color and most affordable of all blue topaz varieties. In most cases, these are transparent, colorless crystals, in the depths of which you can see subtle blue reflections. The saturation of the blue tint depends on the admixture of titanium ions in the mineral. Color enhancement can also be achieved through refining.

Topaz Sky Blue

  • Swiss Blu - crystals of a more saturated blue color when compared to Sky Blu. Faceted stones are absolutely transparent and have an intense shine. In the structure of crystals that have not been refined, shades of gray can be seen. To achieve a rich blue color, topaz is irradiated. Swiss Blu costs more than Sky Blu.

Topaz Swiss Blue

  • London Blu - the bright blue color of this variety of topaz is achieved only through radioactive irradiation. Immediately after refining, London Blu topaz cannot be worn due to the high concentration of radioactive substances in it. The crystal is placed in a lead container, where it is stored until the radiation level returns to normal. The popularity of London Blu topaz is based on the fact that visually it is very similar to cornflower blue sapphire, but its cost is several times lower.

London Blue Topaz

How to distinguish a real stone from a fake

For example, cubic zirconia can be passed off as topaz. The shine will help to distinguish them - in a natural mineral it is not so polished, it is more natural. In order not to confuse it with aquamarine, you should compare the same stones by weight - topaz is heavier.

Synthetic topazes grown in a laboratory are not fake. Natural stone, unlike artificial stone, has an electrifying ability. If you wipe it with a woolen cloth, it will attract hair.

Taking Sky Blue in your hand will allow you to feel its coolness. If you run it across the glass, it will leave a scratch, but this must be done carefully so as not to damage the edges.


The cost of topaz is determined by the following criteria:

  • color;
  • origin;
  • cutting;
  • weight.

The price is determined by the type of stone. The most expensive minerals are those with red tints, pink, blue and dark blue. The price of such specimens ranges from $300–600 per carat .

Yellow and brown topazes have a lower price - $25–70.

Topaz of garishly poisonous colors can be purchased for - $5–10.

The most expensive are the imperial ones. Their price depends on the color:

  • pink, as well as with a predominance of scarlet shades - $500–3500 per carat ;
  • yellow - $70–500.

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How to wear it correctly

Sky Blue matches both frames made of precious metals and simpler ones. It is decorated in white, pink, yellow, red gold, silver, titanium, and complemented with transparent minerals or cold-toned gems.

With blue topaz you can create a business image - for this you choose small crystals. For romantic meetings and social events, you can use larger stones.

Topaz in gold and silver looks great.

Processing process

Currently, the desired shades of Swiss topaz are obtained by irradiation and subsequent heating. Colorless crystals, after exposure to electrons, turn pale blue. To obtain more saturated shades of blue, neutron irradiation is used.

To prevent radiation from dark blue stones, crystals after refining are monitored until the radiation completely disappears. When they hit the shelves of jewelry stores, stones are usually absolutely safe.

Storage and care

It is recommended to store minerals in a box with soft interior lining.

Although topazes are highly durable, they become more vulnerable after cutting. Do not expose Sky Blue to sudden temperature changes, mechanical stress, shock, direct sunlight, contact with chemical compounds, salt or fresh water.

In order for the stone to retain its brightness, shine, and smoothness, jewelry with it should be left on the shelf while cooking, taking a bath, or visiting the pool.

It is better to entrust the cleaning of the gem to a specialist, but if it is not very dirty, you can carry out the procedure yourself. To do this, Sky Blue is first blotted with a soft damp cloth and then immediately wiped dry.

Characteristics of mystic topaz

There is another version of the name of the stone. From Sanskrit the word "topas" means fire or heat. By nature, the mineral has a uniform shimmer, but sometimes you come across topazes that shimmer in different colors.

Of course, topaz has natural beauty, but the human hand helps it shine in different shades. For this, a special technique is used, after which the mineral becomes polychrome.

Features of stone processing

A special technology for processing the gem was developed back in 1993. The processing method was named “Azotik” in honor of the company that first patented this technology.

It takes place in two stages:

  • coating the surface of the stone with a titanium or gold layer;
  • exposure to low temperatures to increase wear resistance.

The goal of the method is to achieve as many colors as possible that will shimmer brightly in any light. In addition, irradiation is used to give the gem a deeper, richer blue hue.

Despite the beauty and uniqueness of the mineral, jewelers do not classify topaz as a precious stone. But this does not prevent this product from being actively used in the jewelry industry. The stone that is part of the jewelry will shine equally brightly in daylight and evening light and attract the views of others.

Interesting Facts

Various traditions and facts are associated with topaz; since ancient times it was considered a symbol of enlightenment and hope.

For centuries, this crystal was a talisman for sailors - they believed that the gem was able to pacify the raging elements and show the way home.

The couple, who have been married for 16 years, celebrate their topaz wedding. On this day, they give each other jewelry with gems, and the holiday itself is celebrated in the family circle.

Sky Blue has become one of the favorite stones of many celebrities - it can be seen on Charlize Theron, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Audrey Tautou, Victoria Beckham, Pink.

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