Variscite: photo, description, magical properties of the stone, which zodiac sign is suitable

ImpurityFe, As
ColorYellowish or bluish green
Stroke colorWhite
ShineGlass to wax
TransparencyTransparent, translucent, translucent at the edges
Hardness4 — 5
KinkUneven, smooth
Density2.4 - 2.6 g/cm³
Refractive index1,55 — 1,59

Story. Origin

The mineral got its name from the Variscia region in Saxony (Germany). It was discovered there in 1837 and a description was made. Then they began to find this stone in other territories and gave different names:

  • California turquoise;
  • lucinite;
  • bolivaritis;
  • spherite;
  • chlorutealite.

Although it was described only in the 19th century , however, according to archaeologists, people began using variscite as jewelry a very long time ago. There are known ancient mines in what is now Spain.

Turquoise-like stones were considered a kind of currency. In southern European markets, variscite necklaces were used for trade exchange.

Variscite is a product of low-temperature hydrothermal processes. It is formed in caves with water sources, due to the ability of aluminum phosphate to form crystals in an aquatic environment at a certain temperature. As a result, bluish-greenish growths of spherical or other shapes appear, for example, on quartzites. Often, when such a growth forms, impurities enter it, forming veins, and sometimes wonderful patterns.

Meaning in astrology

The stone is suitable for fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries), since they are characterized by selfishness and cruelty towards other people. But it is not suitable for soft and compassionate fish. Under the influence of the mineral, their thoughtfulness will turn into obsession.

  1. Aries. Variscite will make this self-confident and ambitious zodiac sign softer and more sensitive, and will reveal its best qualities.
  2. Taurus is prone to pessimistic moods. The stone can change his attitude towards life.
  3. Twins. They will not feel the influence of the stone, since they are already endowed with kindness and strong moral qualities. Its main task is to guide the owner along the right path and not allow him to deviate from his moral principles.
  4. Cancer. This zodiac sign is naturally endowed with sensitivity, caring, and mercy. He should wear jewelry with variscite with caution. There is a high probability that Cancers will lose themselves and will constantly follow the lead of others.
  5. Leo is ready to go over his head if he has a goal and the desire to achieve it. The talisman will moderate ardor, extinguish selfishness and teach you to listen to the desires and feelings of people.
  6. Virgo. She is characterized by irritability and causeless anxiety. Variscite will calm you down, add prudence, and help you understand yourself.
  7. Scales. This is a lazy and undisciplined sign. This prevents you from achieving heights in your career. The talisman puts a person in a working mood and does not allow him to relax.
  8. Scorpion. Movement, emotions, work, self-realization are important to him. The stone will cool and restrain this sign, so communication with it should be limited.
  9. Sagittarius loves for everything to be as he wants and everything to be done only for his good. At the same time, he does not take into account the desires of others. The stone will help get rid of that tendency.
  10. Capricorn is self-confident. This is not always a bad thing, but if such character traits begin to interfere, the help of a talisman is needed.
  11. Aquarius has a balance between altruism and selfishness and knows how to activate one or another trait at the right time. Aquarius does not need the help of variscite.
  12. Fish. The stone is contraindicated for this sign.

Variscite is like a good angel who helps you look at the world differently, see beauty, goodness and justice in it. Before you complain about the dirt of the world, you need to cleanse your soul, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The stone will awaken responsiveness and love for all things. Trouble does not come to those who help.

Physicochemical characteristics

Variscite is a mineral that is a hydrous aluminum phosphate.

  • Chemical formula - AlPO4x2H2O .
  • Impurities - Fe, As.
  • Color - yellowish or bluish-green; rarely - pink, red, purple.
  • The luster is glassy to waxy.
  • Transparency - transparent, translucent, translucent at the edges.
  • Hardness - 4–5.
  • Density - 2.4–2.6 g / cm3 .

Compound (%):

  • P2O5 — 44,94;
  • Al2O3 - 32,26;
  • H2O— 22,8.

The crystals of this mineral are short-columnar.

Variscite forms stalactites, spherulites, spherulite crusts, and sometimes druses of small crystals.

Varieties and colors

Variscite has several varieties. Most Popular:

  • Spherite. Round agglomerates. The color is turquoise, with a hint of azure.
  • Amatrix. It is a symbiosis of variscite with chalcedony or quartz. The shades are usually green. It is a collectible item.
  • California turquoise. The stone is a rich green color.
  • Chlorutealite. Emerald colored specimens.
  • Bolivaritis. An outdated name for green stones with a yellow tint.
  • Strengit. Pink variscite, very rare.
  • Utalit. Green mineral. Mined in Utah (USA).

Also distinguished by color:

  • Stones that have a soft blue color with shades that change under different lighting conditions.
  • Variscite is red or purple in color. Such specimens are very rare.

Types and colors

Variscite is a stone with enormous variability in colors and shades. The color range varies from golden to blue-green, like a sea wave. In some specimens both of these colors occur simultaneously. Homogeneous specimens of the rock are often used as a substitute for turquoise.

Bright red variscite is a fairly rare find.

The gem can be either cloudy or transparent. This depends on the impurities of metals and oxides in the crystal structure of the gem. In turn, the color is determined by the chemical composition and conditions in which the crystal grows. There are several main types of mineral colors:

  • Spherite, an azure stone most similar to turquoise;
  • Chloryutarite, a green variety of variscite;
  • Purple mineral;
  • Blue crystal;
  • Golden-green variscite;
  • Pink stone;
  • The bright red gem is the rarest variety.

Typically, a variscite crystal grows over several years around quartz inclusions in the rock. The shape is usually irregular tetrahedral (tetrahedral) or octagonal. A fully formed crystal is called amatrix and has a beautiful, rich green color. But this requires extremely favorable conditions, which are rare in nature.

Place of Birth

The first large deposits of variscite were discovered in the German state of Saxony and in the USA. Today, the reserves of the states of Nevada, Utah, and California are almost completely depleted.

Currently, the main centers for the extraction of this stone are:

  • Europe - Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland;
  • Asia - Kazakhstan;
  • America - Brazil;
  • Australia - Queensland;
  • Russia - Yakutia.


Variscite is used in jewelry, handicrafts, and collecting.


This mineral is in demand among jewelers as an analogue or companion to turquoise. These stones are often found side by side in jewelry. The color variety is often complemented by corals, chrysocolla, green quartz, and howlite.

Variscite is practiced by single masters. They create jewelry by framing the stone with silver, cupronickel or a jewelry alloy.

Often greenish-gray colored specimens are marketed as “imperial jasper.”


In online stores you can buy variscite materials for creativity: beads of different sizes, shapes, colors. They are used to make jewelry. Jewelry (bracelets, beads, pendants) made according to your own design are exclusive.

In the description of an assortment that is affordable, it is sometimes indicated that this is a pressing or other imitation of variscite.


This mineral is highly valued by collectors of mineralogical collections. They can acquire tumbling and pristine agglomerates of variscite from different parts of the world.

Variscite jewelry

Variscite and pearl necklace
Variscite is a soft mineral, therefore it is most suitable for cutting and making beads. It is cut into a cabochon shape with rounded edges. Pure mineral suitable for jewelry making is rare. Therefore, they are not very cheap.

  • The cost of a string of beads starts at $30.
  • They offer to buy a pendant made of natural stone for $17.5.
  • The cost for beads made of variscite in combination with agate is $60.
  • An unprocessed mineral weighing 380 grams costs $45.

Variscite is usually set in silver. The material emphasizes the color of the stone and its mysterious tints. Thanks to the discreet color tones, variscite jewelry will be appropriate in any situation. For everyday use, you can choose a bracelet made of medium-sized beads or a neat brooch. For going out, a set is suitable - a necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Variscite jewelry looks best with hippie or casual style clothing. But an evening dress will not lose when combined with a noble green stone.

Medicinal properties

The use of variscite for medicinal purposes gives the following results:

  • mental illnesses can be healed, neuroses, psychoses, suspiciousness, tearfulness, irritability will disappear;
  • the consequences of conflict situations and stress are neutralized;
  • Depression disappears, a person begins to feel the joy of life;
  • sleep becomes stronger, nightmares disappear;
  • emotional state improves, emotional burnout at work is prevented;
  • if you wear variscite as an amulet, the fear of the dark, heights, enclosed spaces, as well as unmotivated anxiety will disappear;
  • the body recovers faster from illnesses, injuries, physical and mental stress.

The main significance of variscite for humans is that its help in the treatment of “nervous” diseases helps to improve overall physical well-being.


Using the mineral as a talisman for the purpose of protection or for spiritual maturation leads to the fact that variscite is filled with alien energy, which affects the properties of the magical artifact. You can eliminate unwanted reserves in the amulet in a simple and effective way, using salted water.

  • First, the gem is washed under running water;
  • then drops into a glass with salted solution;
  • Finally, rinse with clean tap water;
  • dry in the shade at room temperature.

Regular cleaning will extend the life of the stone and preserve its beauty.

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Magic properties

Variscite, according to esotericists, manifests its magic at different levels. According to magicians, this mineral, after a special ritual, can become a channel of access to the past. The purpose of this kind of time travel is to understand the source of problems in the present in order to eliminate them.

Ordinary people can also meditate with a gem by taking it in their hand or placing it on their body. This will help you relax, calm down, and unnecessary thoughts will disappear. Hidden abilities and talents can awaken in a person and further develop.

With variscite, the magic is stronger if the stone is unframed and untreated.

The magical properties of the gem help the owner in many areas:

  • They bestow him with calmness and emotional stability (and it doesn’t matter what the owner has: jewelry or a talisman stone).
  • Gives a philosophical outlook on life, protecting against deep feelings of guilt, resentment or annoyance, about conflicts, etc. Instead, a person will learn to analyze difficult situations and learn a lesson or benefit.

A talisman made of variscite gives a person optimism, gives hope for positive changes in life and the implementation of plans.

  • The stone helps to achieve financial well-being (find a money job, open a successful business, or learn to spend money wisely).

Variscite helps the owner become wealthier, but super-wealth cannot be obtained with the help of this talisman. The stone will contribute to achieving prosperity only in an honest way.

A variscite talisman helps only a person who is committed to good deeds, since their energy is harmoniously combined. Under the influence of the gem, the owner will become more merciful, more compassionate towards other people, and after this success and good luck will come to him.

The positive influence of the stone also extends to the surrounding people, but only to the kind-hearted.

An amulet made from this mineral protects against the influence of dark forces, curses, and damage.

How to avoid becoming a victim of deceivers

Variscite is a fairly cheap stone, so it is rarely counterfeited. Much more often it is used to imitate turquoise or jasper. To avoid falling for scammers and wasting your money, you need to purchase gems only from certified jewelry stores.

It should be remembered that only natural minerals have magical and healing properties.

If you still have your eye on some jewelry at the market, then pay attention to the color of the veins. In turquoise they are dark, in variscite they are light. You can also ask the seller for a product passport. The exact name of the gem should be written there.

Variscite is a soft and not too dense mineral, unlike turquoise. It can be easily scratched, although, of course, the seller is unlikely to allow you to conduct such an experiment. The most reliable way is to take the stone to a jeweler. Spectral analysis will show which rock your treasure actually belongs to.

Who is suitable according to their zodiac sign?

Variscite especially highlights the zodiac signs of the element of Fire. He has perfect compatibility with people born under the constellations Aries , Leo and Sagittarius . The gem will help them establish profitable connections with the right people and at the same time reduce the arrogance and selfishness that are often inherent in these zodiac signs. Relationships with others will improve, and the charge of positive energy received from the stone will contribute to spiritual growth.

Variscite is not suitable for Cancer and Pisces . The fact is that representatives of these zodiac signs are often distinguished by their kindness and responsiveness. The mineral can turn these positive qualities into “softness”, “spinelessness”. Some astrologers, on the contrary, recommend this mineral to Cancer and Pisces, claiming that it will bring peace of mind to Cancer, and for Pisces it will become an assistant in all matters. Those who doubt whether variscite will benefit them can choose other stones as a talisman or amulet. Pisces and Cancer :

  • Moonstone;
  • ammolite;
  • blue agate;
  • belomorite;
  • Labrador;
  • euclase;
  • aragonite.

In addition, lucky stones for Cancer will be:

  • tektite;
  • aventurine;
  • pearl;
  • emerald;
  • alexandrite;
  • cat's eye.

And for Pisces :

  • amethyst;
  • rose quartz;
  • opal;
  • jasper.

Talismans and amulets

Variscite bracelet
Sorcerers recommend using a bracelet-amulet as a talisman. It is believed that he grasps the person's wrist and enfolds him in his embrace. A person will pacify his pride, harshness and selfishness towards others.

Variscite earrings will help you think soberly and make rational decisions in any situation.

The pendant will make the owner kinder and more sensitive to the problems of loved ones.

According to practicing magicians, the energy of variscite is enough to create a positive atmosphere in the entire apartment. To do this, animal figures made of mineral are placed in a prominent place. Any decorative items with variscite inserts are also suitable.

All inhabitants of the home will feel confident and calm. Will be able to make the right decisions in difficult situations. An atmosphere of peace and goodwill will appear in the family.

How to care

Variscite is not very durable, so it must be handled with care:

  • protect from blows and falls;
  • It is better to store separately from other stones, using a box or case that is soft inside and closes tightly;
  • avoid overheating, therefore store away from heating appliances;
  • When cleaning, do not rub the stone too hard, do not use hard brushes, abrasives, or chemical components;
  • wash only with mild detergents (baby soap, etc.) and running water at room temperature;
  • Decorations should be dried at room temperature or simply wiped dry with a soft cloth.

Protect from prolonged exposure to sunlight so that the brightness of the color does not decrease.

If the stone is used as an amulet or talisman, it actively absorbs energy, which is directed towards the owner. Therefore, the mineral requires energy purification. It needs to be done every two weeks.

Energy purification procedure:

  • rinse the gem with running water;
  • place briefly in salted water;
  • rinse again under running water;
  • leave to dry, but not in the hot sun.

Areas of application and care of stone

Jewelry is the main area in which variscite stone is used. The properties it possesses, coupled with its low cost, allow it to be a good substitute for jasper or turquoise. Most often, beads, bracelets, and signets are made from the mineral.

Homemade souvenirs are also carved from variscite - pyramids, spheres, small figurines, paperweights. They are most often used as healing or magical objects, taking advantage of the powerful energy of the crystal.

Jewelry made from heavenly colored variscite will highlight the natural beauty of blue-eyed fashionistas.

Variscite is a soft mineral, so it should be stored separately from other gems. If you don’t have a separate box, you can simply put it in a special case. The gem is fragile, afraid of shocks, shocks and falls, so you need to wear it with great care.

The structure of variscite is heterogeneous and very unstable; it is destroyed if the stone is heated. From time to time the gem needs to be washed, but it cannot be dried with a stream of warm air precisely for this reason. Simply wipe with a soft cloth.

It is not recommended to wash the stone with aggressive household chemicals, nor to clean it with a stiff brush. Warm water with a little soap works best. Such a weak alkaline solution will not harm the delicate structure of variscite. In case of severe contamination, it is better to contact a jeweler.

How to distinguish from a fake

Variscite is not a very common stone. Pressed raw materials, calcite or plastic, are often sold under the guise of a solid mineral.

You can distinguish a gem from a fake by the following characteristics:

  • The surface of variscite has randomly arranged veins.
  • Translucency indicates a solid stone, opacity indicates a pressed stone.
  • The plastic is usually colored poison blue or blue.
  • Rapid heating in the hands indicates plastic.


In Russian online stores there is a wide range of variscite jewelry (price/rub.):

  • beads 46 cm, d - 8 mm, flat, green - 750;
  • necklace “Sea Distances”, 50 cm, bright blue – 3978;
  • ring Pearl with variscite in silver - 1084;
  • Drop pendant. Pressed variscite, 45x30 mm, turquoise color - 255;
  • cabochon, 49x31x5 mm - 1250.
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