❶ How to care for emerald rings? Useful tips

Regardless of what the gem is used for (for medicinal, magical purposes or as decoration), it needs to be cared for and sometimes cleaned. When you buy a stone, you need to clean it. Keep it under running water for a few minutes. It is better, of course, if possible, to use natural spring water.

Minerals that belong to the quartz group can be placed in a glass bowl with water and kept overnight in the freezer. You can place stones and products made from them in a vessel with water. The water, when frozen, will remove the dirty information from the stone, and it will be cleansed. In this way, you can clean both stones that you previously wore and new ones - purchased or given as a gift.

Each crystal has a specific function, varying depending on its color and size. On the other hand, this same crystal, by its purity, has thus achieved, if in one place someone is sick, this crystal “should not” be near the patient, because it will expand the harmful focus. Crystals should be used when health is present. If something is affecting the aura, unless it is identified through an etheric body and health aura reading, the aura should be cleansed to get good results with crystals.

Clear rock crystals are easily used to align the chakras. Colored ones are more specific in their purposes and can be used over each chakra, once cleared, for a variety of functions. When acquiring a crystal, it must be treated because over the years of its existence, it has stored secondary energies - positive and negative - from whatever it has come into contact with. This process consists of three stages: cleaning, charging and programming.

In the same way, not only newly acquired stones are cleaned, but also those that you already have. This should be done at least once a year

, and health stones are cleansed once a month on the waning moon.

The general rule for cleaning stones is this: it is always better to clean all stones in the last three days of the lunar month (28, 29, 30) - before the new moon. During the full moon, stones accumulate energy and after cleaning they should have time to restore their own energy.

Never mix different crystals. Three hours is enough time to be clean. An already cleansed crystal will return the energy properties and appropriate conditions for immediate use. Whatever excites a crystal also excites a person, so nature is the greatest source for their arousal.

If you have many crystals, you can turn them on together. Only the cleaning and programming steps need to be performed on one glass at a time. Some crystals should not be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Room and other colors, because excessive sunlight can cause them to lose their hue.


To store stones, it is best to use bags for each stone separately. The bag should be silk or cotton, or linen. In such packaging, gems can be stored in one box or box.

There are several methods for cleaning and renewing natural stones (it must be clarified that not all methods are suitable for certain minerals). Precious stones have different properties and require an individual approach to cleaning. While for some it is appropriate to use a soap solution, for others it can be disastrous. Improper cleaning can ruin your favorite piece of jewelry.

Once cleaned and charged, the crystals can be programmed for specific purposes. Crystal programming is nothing more than introducing an energy image into the crystal structure so that it processes the received images and returns them to the emitter. This is probably the easiest part, if not to be careful: be in a cozy environment and make sure it doesn't interrupt for 20 minutes. Now you will use your will and direct your mind towards the purpose that the crystal needs to fulfill.

Crystal, as the crystallized energy of nature, in its purity will promote creativity, harmony, self-confidence, happiness, joy, health and other full feelings of life. So, look into the crystal and mentally ask it to fulfill this specific purpose.

  1. Cleaning with water - the stone is kept under running water (from the tap) for several hours. It’s better to put it in a bag and into a spring, tie the bag so that it doesn’t get carried away. Or just pour spring water into a glass and put a stone in it.
  2. Cleaning by the sun - first wash the stone with water and place it in bright sun for 30 minutes. This is both cleansing and charging the stone.
  3. Cleaning with salt - bury the stone in salt for 3-4 hours, then throw away the salt.
  4. Cleaning with a saline solution of water - immerse the stones in salted water poured into a crystal bowl. It can also be used in other containers, of course.
  5. Cleaning with soapy water - prepare a warm soapy solution, pour it into porcelain or crystal dishes, and leave the stones in the sun for about two hours,
  6. Earth cleansing - bury stones (this applies to cleansing precious stones) in the ground overnight.
  7. Cleaning with natural sea water - wash the crystals with sea water and leave in it for 3 hours.

From time to time it is useful to expose all stones to sunlight for several hours or days

. This especially applies to those stones that you constantly wear. But - be careful - some stones change or lose color in the sun.

If there is an interruption during programming, start again. How to use energetic and programmed crystals. Baths: For an energizing effect, select crystals of your choice and place them in the bath. When the water inside the glass is dirty, replace it and wash the crystals. Personal Use: Select a crystal and place it in a cotton, silk or velvet cloth and place it in your purse or pocket. Semi-precious and precious stones, such as crystals in rings and pendants, should never have metal inlaid in their bodies.

You can just wash the item with water every day - the stone will only get better.

If the hardness of the stone is above 5 ( sapphire, emerald, diamond, topaz, ruby, aquamarine, quartz, ordinary beryl

), then cleaning in a solution of any washing powder using a brush is allowed.
An exception would be jewelry that uses soft metal, for example, silver
. Gems framed in gold or platinum will respond well to such cleaning. After cleaning, rinse off the remaining solution with distilled water.

The tip of the crystal should be directed towards the plant. Heals: In pranic healing, the crystal used should be applied only after the area where the chakra or organ to be treated is completely cleansed. You should never potentize something without being pure. It is recommended that crystals be used for healing only by qualified professionals.

If you are in good health and want to activate yourself, remember that with your right hand you project energy into the crystal and with your left hand you receive energy. If you liked and identified the "Crystal Excitation Power", please refer to the "Courses" section of this site. If possible, there will be good indications with dates and locations of courses that may serve you.

For cleaning stones, a solution consisting of 120 g of baking soda, 30 g of table salt and 50 g of bleach, dissolved in 0.5 liters of water, is suitable.

Gemstones are often very fragile and can easily crack if handled carelessly. This is especially true for those stones that have inclusions. Therefore, if you want to clean peridot or emerald yourself, be very careful! A wrong movement and a piece may break off from the stone.

Both crystals and stones help us in meditation, in expanding our magnetic field, in the pursuit of knowledge, in astral travel. They send us energy, much more than they receive from us. We, the Crystals and Stones, are part of Nature, and they are in purity more powerful and more enlightened than us. However, they want our integration. They receive the perfection and harmony of the Cosmos, therefore all the chakras of nature. If we know about this, we will be eager to work with them because the benefits will be countless.

To do this, it is enough to develop our intuition, our sensitivity, our feelings and our virtues; and in this way we will channel all good things, and with them we will make a better universe. “We don’t choose the crystals, they choose us!” Through them we can enter timelessness, that is, see the present, past and future as if they were just one moment.

Gemstones with a hardness level below 5 should be washed in a milder environment, such as soapy water. Such stones include apatite, ruby, opal, sunflower, moonstone, peridot, lapis lazuli, malachite.

Ruby, alexandrite and sapphire

can be cleaned in a soapy solution with ammonia. The proportions of the solution are 0.5 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of alcohol. After cleaning, rinse the gems with warm water.

To illuminate our light to remain in eternal states, it is important to meditate with crystals for at least ten minutes a day. We can also use Tarot of Crystals, songs, candles as supporting resources. Crystals and stones are used for: reflection, prayer, healing; activate the environment, plants, animals, people; and also for baths. You must have your own crystal. You can walk daily with it next to your body or in your bag. Over and over again, he has to touch him to make him feel loved, to remember.

Place filtered water or still mineral gas in a canister, three to seven handfuls of coarse salt in a bowl; There should be enough water to cover the crystals and stones. They must remain in the container for 24 hours under sunlight and moonlight. Crystals and stones should be placed in water at 6 am to be removed the next day at the same time. When you remove them, wash them with running water, flashing gold, white and blue lights onto them so that they have all the universal energy and wisdom.

Amethyst, rock crystal and citrine

should only be cleaned using ultrasound.


- a capricious gem. It cannot be cleaned with aqueous solutions; their influence can easily cause the stone to lose color. Turquoise jewelry should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes or exposure to acidic or soapy solutions. To remove heavy stains, alcohol or distilled water can be used. To restore shine, a piece of flannel or dry suede will do - you can polish the turquoise yourself with them.

Then leave them for another 24 hours on the floor, which should be clean. Cleanse them thoroughly with incense cleansing followed by vigorous or heavenly smoking. Leave them in very heavy rain because it is both cleansing and energizing. and bury it deep in an earthenware or porcelain vase containing sand for seven days, visualizing, at the same time, positive energy, light, wisdom, strength. Take a rosemary shower to eliminate your negative energies. Then inhale and exhale through the mouth of crystals or stones, visualizing purple or white light, asking to keep negative energy away from them and bring in positivity.

Very often dirt collects under a stone. You can remove it with a match and a piece of cotton wool. Moisten cotton wool with glycerin or a solution of magnesia and ammonia. Use gentle circular motions to rub into recesses and surfaces. If there are still particles of dirt that cannot be removed, contact a jewelry cleaning professional. Professional ultrasonic cleaning may be needed. True, not all stones can be cleaned with ultrasound.

White Quartz cleanses and charges all stones and crystals. After each cleaning it must be reactivated. Use a rock or keep it in a single place. When ordering, ask for personal items. When stones and protection crystals are used for wellness and care, they need to be maintained regularly as the stones are alive and transform during their use as they are responsible for energies. Here are our cleansing tips.

What are the different methods for cleaning protection stones and crystals?

We can influence protective stones in different ways. There are three main cleaning methods. Cleansing: Clear protective stones and the negative energies they encounter. recharge: so that the protective stones again dissipate their positive ones. programming: to orient the energy emitted by protective stones. Stones and crystals are a valuable aid on a daily basis. However, when the stone is "tired", it only releases its energy with very little force. By recharging, allowing the fireplace to recharge itself with all its positive energy can help you in the best possible way.

A universal way to clean any stones

Amethyst druse.

on amethyst druse overnight

with very small crystals (also called amethyst brush or stone bed).

Also known is the purification of quartz druse.

— place the stones on the quartz druse overnight.
When precious stones look rich and impressive, they increase the social status of the owner. To clean and add shine, it is advisable to contact a good jewelry workshop. But if necessary, you can clean the gemstone at home.

General rules for care and storage

Emerald is a fragile, delicate and capricious stone. So, when interacting with certain products, liquids and steam, it loses its shine and brightness. It is recommended to store such jewelry in a box, bag or casket with velvet upholstery inside. At the same time, avoid humidity, sunlight and sudden temperature changes.

To clean emerald jewelry, you should not use various brushes, pastes, powders or abrasive cleaners! They will scratch the stone. Take soft cloths made of velvet, microfiber or flannel. Special wipes are good for wiping glasses or computer and TV screens.

In addition, steam and hot treatment should not be used for cleaning, otherwise the emerald will tarnish. Every ten years, it is recommended to repolish the gemstone at a jewelry workshop.

Be sure to remove rings or bracelets when cleaning, physical work or sports, or washing. Not only hot water, steam and aggressive environments are harmful to the stone, but also cosmetics and perfumes.

Jewelry can be put on only after makeup is completely finished and perfume has been applied. Remove products before applying cream to skin. Do not wear jewelry in a bathhouse or sauna, on the beach or other places with high humidity or sudden changes in temperature.

Useful tips

Quite often, owners of emeralds make common mistakes . To avoid becoming one of these people, you should follow some recommendations.

Oil processing

Many owners of jewelry with precious stones neglect oil treatment. This procedure is necessary to eliminate minor scratches and mechanical damage. As a rule, cedar oil . It is quite thick, so it is suitable for filling cracks.

it is not recommended this procedure on your own. You can’t do it without the help of a master, since this is exclusively jewelry work. Therefore, before purchasing an accessory, you should ask the seller whether such a service is provided and how often to use it.

Proper wearing of the stone

Emerald jewelry should be worn only after applying makeup, creating a hairstyle and image. Cosmetics contain chemical compounds that negatively affect the structure of the gemstone. For example, if you wear earrings with this gem and then apply hairspray, you can significantly deteriorate the quality of the mineral.

Therefore, jewelers recommend completely eliminating contact of the crystal with cosmetic products.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Products

Under no circumstances should the gemstone be cleaned using solvents or aggressive chemicals. The fact is that they corrode the oils used in the processing of the gem. As a result, the crystal will not only lose its original appearance, but also its quality.

So, emerald is a stone that requires careful handling. If you do not properly care for a luxurious gem, it will lose its beauty, structure and unique properties.


Methods for cleaning emerald

  • Carry out surface cleaning regularly. To do this, wipe the product with a flannel cloth to remove accumulated dust and minimal dirt. It is recommended to do this cleaning every time you remove emerald jewelry;
  • The soap solution will remove tougher stains and help restore shine. Take lukewarm water and add a small amount of liquid soap. Or grate a bar of solid soap. Dilute the mixture, place a ring or chain in the solution and leave for 15-20 minutes. If necessary, wipe the jewelry with a cloth. After cleaning, rinse the items thoroughly in cool running water;
  • Gasoline effectively cleanses fat. To do this, apply the product to a cotton pad and wipe only the stone. Do not treat silver, gold, platinum or other metal with gasoline, otherwise they may deteriorate! After cleaning, rinse the rings, ring, chain or bracelet with emerald in cool water and dry the item by wrapping it in a soft cloth;
  • If the stone is slightly greasy, dissolve a small amount of ammonia in cold water and wipe the product. Clean difficult areas with a cotton swab. After treatment, wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth or napkin until completely dry.

Varieties of emerald and its shades

The main indicators of the quality of the mineral are transparency, color saturation and uniformity, and the size of beryl.

The color of the stone often depends on the deposit:

  • Russia – opaque stones due to the mica content of the mineral;
  • Zimbabwe - expensive and sought-after minerals, will contain inclusions of yellow color;
  • Colombia – Trapiche emeralds are mined here, which have a unique natural color that resembles a flower or a snowflake. The color of the mineral is rich herbal;
  • Zambia – rich green emeralds with a blue tint;
  • South Africa - light translucent stones.

Emerald has “brothers” from the beryllium group:

  • Bixbite (red emerald) is a rare and very expensive gemstone;
  • Morganite (pink emerald).

How to clean gold and silver with emerald

Salt, baking soda, tooth powder or chalk are often used to clean gold jewelry. But such products are not suitable for emerald, since small grains can easily scratch the capricious, fragile and delicate stone. In this case, you can use dishwashing detergent or a mixture of liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide.

To clean gold emerald jewelry, dilute a small amount of dishwashing detergent in a glass of lukewarm water. Place the items in the solution for a few minutes. Wipe off dirt and stains with a soft cloth. After this, rinse the items in clean running cool water and wipe dry.

Gold can be cleaned with a cleaning solution containing hydrogen peroxide. To do this, mix two tablespoons of peroxide, a teaspoon of liquid soap and a glass of warm water. Immerse the items in the resulting mixture for twenty minutes, then rinse in cool water and wipe dry.

The soap solution is suitable for cleaning both gold and silver. Ammonia is great for cleaning a silver chain or other silver jewelry. At the same time, the product will not harm the gemstone, it will clean and restore the shine of the emerald. How to clean silver with ammonia, see the link for more details.

How to properly care for a stone?

To keep your emerald in excellent condition, you do not need to buy special products . All you need for cleaning is:

  • warm water;
  • soft cloth or old toothbrush;
  • dishwashing liquid.

The sequence of actions is quite simple.

  1. Fill the sink with warm water.
  2. Add a little dishwashing detergent .
  3. Immerse the emerald product in a soap solution.
  4. Leave for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Gently clean the jewelry with a toothbrush or soft cloth .
  6. Rinse the product thoroughly under warm water.
  7. Dry the decoration with a paper towel.

After the procedure, the accessory with the emerald must be placed in a box separately from other products . The fact is that the stone can damage softer minerals.

Jewelry with topazes, rubies, diamonds and sapphires have a negative impact on the emerald itself

It is also not recommended to store a green crystal with gems that have the same density . For example, aquamarine and emerald have almost identical hardness values. But minerals should not be stored together, as they can scratch each other .

Prepare jewelry for cleaning

Jewelry with stones is more difficult to care for. When using any method, you need to prepare for the event and act correctly.

Many materials cannot withstand aggressive environments and require delicate handling. To avoid damaging the product, you need to know:

  • type of stone;
  • method of fastening (glue, clamp);
  • the presence of additional inlay inserts.

The sophistication of the jewelry is given by the framing of diamond, ruby, and sapphire chips, which are attached with glue. Soft stone is also fixed with adhesive. Our task is to maintain the integrity of the product, so be sure to consider the type of fastener.

Mechanical actions may cause the stone to fall out. Photo: stozabot.com

Many materials cannot tolerate chemical solutions or contrasting temperatures. If there are gemstones, standard gold methods cannot be used.

Jewelry recommends how to care for gold:

Jewelry advises on its website how to care for gold items

Ennobled stones

Many emeralds undergo a refining procedure before being sold: their surface is coated with cedar oil, which gives the stones a particularly impressive shine and smoothes out the smallest defects.

Over time, the oil wears off and the coating needs to be renewed periodically. To do this, have your jewelry cleaned at least every 7-8 years. In addition to updating the oil, specialists will remove dirt from the most inaccessible places and restore the original shine of not only the stones, but also the frame.

Famous Jewels

The stone has been revered at all times:

  1. The first fans of emerald accessories were Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba.
  2. In Kievan Rus, jewelry with emerald (as emerald was called here) could only be worn by women who had at least three children.
  3. Elizabeth Taylor received the emerald necklace on the day the filming of the film “Cleopatra” ended. Richard Burton (the actress's husband, who co-starred with her in the film) then accessorized it with earrings, a bracelet and a ring in the same style.
  4. The Russian Empress bestowed a ring with an emerald on prominent people. One of them went to the poet Sergei Yesenin in 1916.
  5. Alexander Pushkin treasured the emerald ring.

Ural stones are inserted into jewelry that belonged to Lyudmila Zykina. This is a silver set of ring and earrings and a ring (yellow gold) with diamonds around an emerald.

Follow the rules

Stones in gold jewelry quickly become dirty. If you decide to do the cleaning yourself, follow the basic rules:

  1. An aqueous solution of ammonia 1:6 will help remove dirty deposits The method is suitable for cubic zirconia, citrine, zircon, ruby.
  2. Do not soak in aggressive solutions - if the stones are glued, they will fall off.
  3. Do not use ammonia or abrasive substances when cleaning soft stones: coral, pearls, turquoise, amber, hematite, etc.
  4. Do not clean gold with stones with sharp objects : a needle, a toothpick.
  5. Do not wash transparent stones (aquamarine, alexandrite, etc.) with soapy solutions - the shine and play of light disappear. They are cleaned with starch, microfiber, flannel.
  6. Maintain regular care - jewelry that is worn every day should be cleaned monthly.

Jewelry will become dirty less often if you follow the recommendations:

  1. Remove jewelry when coming home, taking a bath/shower, going to the beach, solarium, or any place exposed to sea water, UV and sweat.
  2. Protect from contact with perfumes and creams.
  3. Store away from ultraviolet radiation, moisture, on soft pads/velvet.

Types of precious stones
Expensive gold items with half-hidden stones, including diamonds, are best left to a specialist. The cleaning service is inexpensive and guarantees safety.

Surface cleaning

In any business, the main thing is regularity. Don't let dirt accumulate on your jewelry, and then your emeralds will be ready to complement your look with their mysterious radiance at any time. Even if you don't wear jewelry very often, take care of your stones at intervals of one to two months. After spending just a few minutes on cleaning, you will be sure that your precious emeralds have acquired an impeccable appearance, and you will be able to wear them when the need arises.

For light cleaning, take a small soft wool flannel cloth and gently wipe all sides of the jewelry, removing the surface layer of dust and buffing the surfaces. There is no need to wet the fabric with special solutions; you can even do without soapy water. If contamination is minimal, then wiping with a dry flannel is quite enough to restore the shine to the emerald and the setting. Clean your jewelry every time before storing it.

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