The magical properties of jasper stone and who it suits according to their zodiac sign

Multicolor jasper has no analogues among ornamental stones. The gem has served people for thousands of years. Weapons and household items were made from it, then temples and palaces were decorated with it, jewelry, expensive dishes, and souvenirs were made.

The magic mineral receives a lot of attention from sorcerers, esotericists and people striving for success and good health. To take advantage of the magical and healing properties of jasper, you need to know the types of stone, figure out who such a talisman is suitable for, and learn how to handle it.

Types of stone

Jasper has many names: jasper, jasper agate, Swiss or German lapis, speckled, tiger stone, basanite, blood jasper. This is explained by the large species diversity.

There is a beautiful legend that jasper is the melodies of the Earth, which did not disappear without a trace, but went into the depths, where they froze. This is why the stone has so many colors and patterns.

But practically the variety of varieties of jasper is explained by origin. The mineral is obtained from solidified lava mixed with the remains of plants and shellfish.

In fact, jasper is a type of siliceous rock, a mixture of quartz particles with various inclusions, the combinations of which are unpredictable. Due to this, the stone is opaque and can be painted in any shade of the rainbow (except dark blue).

Important! Only processed jasper becomes a semi-precious ornamental stone, which is sometimes even framed with valuable metals. Wild, unpolished jasper is of no interest to either artisans or magicians.

This gem with a smooth, durable surface is qualified by texture and color:

  • uniform or plain - white, gray or dark green, wax, dove-blue, bright red, beige;
  • ribbon (banded) - such stones alternate stripes or layers of different colors;
  • agate jasper is a stone of amazing color, similar in structure to agate;
  • jet – black or dark brown stone;
  • variegated - gems have a spotted, concentric, streaky, calico or breccia texture;
  • landscape - often in green tones, rich deposits in the Caucasus; heliotrope.

Jasper is mined in different countries: Russia (in the Urals and Altai), India, Egypt, America. Also in France, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany. Gems mined in the Caucasus and Crimea are valued.

Stephen and emotions

Thanks to the authors' meticulous attention to detail, Steven Universe is more than just a children's animated series. Like good TV series for adults, there is a clear structure, a well-developed script and a well-presented plot. Slowly, episode by episode, the secrets of the world are revealed to the audience, the stories of the characters are told and their personalities are revealed. Plot-forming episodes are interspersed with cute “fillers” that do not irritate, but, on the contrary, add volume to the universe.

It has everything: action, humor, a bit of horror, tragedy and a lot of emotions. Perhaps emotions are at the heart of the series. Without them, Steven Universe would have been just another cartoon about a magical child and his magical assistants. Stephen is sad about his lost mother and worries about his friends. Pearl yearns for Rose. Amethyst cannot come to terms with her origins. Ruby and Sapphire love each other.

These are not just plot clichés - the characters really experience all these emotional states, they run through all the seasons, and many individual episodes are dedicated to them. As a result, you believe absolutely everything that happens on the screen, you cry and laugh along with the characters - isn’t this a sign of an excellent series?

Medicinal properties

Jasper “works” on an energetic level and is capable of completely healing the body. Round stones have the greatest healing power. The jasper ball should be applied to the sore spot and held for a couple of hours.

Properties of jasper as a healer:

  • restores vision;
  • strengthens memory;
  • reduces the number of epileptic seizures;
  • overcomes fever;
  • relieves pain;
  • reduces anxiety;
  • increases immunity;
  • increases life expectancy;
  • relieves nightmares.

Stones of different colors differ in their effect on the body. They have different healing effects.

Red (solid color or spots, fiery color pattern):

  • stops bleeding;
  • cleanses blood vessels;
  • normalizes heart function;
  • stimulates hematopoiesis, increases hemoglobin;
  • heals wounds;
  • helps solve gynecological problems.


  • has a beneficial effect on vision;
  • eliminates mental disorders, insomnia, fears, defeats depression, restores brain and central nervous system function;
  • relieves pain (to reduce headaches and toothaches, just hold the stone in your hands);
  • normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, prevents gastritis and ulcers (for this, the pendant or lower stone of the beads must be in the abdominal area).


  • helps solve problems with the gallbladder;
  • eliminates toxins;
  • helps in the fight against cancer;
  • relieves pain.


  • restores the body's energy potential;
  • rejuvenates the skin.

White jasper comprehensively brings the body back to normal, and brown stones normalize the functioning of the immune system.

Important! Jasper takes on special significance in the bathhouse. A piece of rock can withstand heat of over 1000 degrees. Thanks to this, the heat from the stove lasts throughout the day. At the same time, the temperature and humidity in the steam room remain comfortable. Air heated by jasper has a beneficial effect on the body: the lungs are cleansed, the functioning of the cardiovascular system is improved, blood pressure is normalized, the immune system is strengthened, and the blood is purified.

Steven and the Crystal Gems

On planet Earth there is a town called Beach with (surprise) the sea and the beach. There is an ancient temple on the seashore, and alien creatures live in it: crystal gems and the boy Steven, half-man, half-gem. His mother, Rose Quartz, leader of the Crystal Gems, fell in love with an earthly man, Greg, and disappeared so that Steven could be born. Steven supposedly carries his mother in a crystal on his belly button, and no one knows for sure whether she is alive or not.

Steven is raised, protected and trained by three gem warriors - Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst. Stephen's dad, an aging rocker, lives in a beat-up camper van, works at a car wash and sings his own songs to his son.

Steven does not grow up like other people: at the time of the fourth season he turns fourteen, but he still has the appearance of a ten-year-old child. The boy himself does not fully know his capabilities and every day he learns to be a crystal gem.

Jasper and the signs of the zodiac

When choosing this mineral as an amulet, you need to understand why it is needed and what properties it will have to be activated.
It is also necessary to consider how the stone affects representatives of different zodiac signs, to make sure that this mineral suits you according to your horoscope. Change

Zodiac signFeatures of choice and what gives a person
Fish+++A plain (preferably black) stone will serve suspicious, passive and insecure fish as a kind of “cup of coffee”, become a source of energy, stimulate determination, and prevent them from “having their head in the clouds”.
Virgo+++A red, sand (for women) or green (for men) mineral will protect frivolous maidens from mistakes on the path of life and impart wisdom.
Taurus++Bright red jasper protects the “darlings of fate” from the negative energy of envious people and ill-wishers. It is advisable for Taurus to wear jasper in silver.
Capricorn++It will increase the energy reserves of workaholics and help them achieve success in conquering new financial heights.
Scales+To develop the gift of foresight, Libra women should wear green jasper.
a lion+Active lions can gain inspiration, improve memory and mental abilities. Red stones are recommended.
ScorpionWhen wearing a jasper product, the indomitable Scorpio will become even more impulsive.
TwinsIt is undesirable to use it, as the stone aggravates negative character traits.
Aquarius+The neutral meaning of the stone can sometimes cause unpleasant sensations.
Sagittarius+“Heavenly Archer” with jasper decoration will better find a common language with the people around him.
Cancer+Cancers are not suitable for aggressive shades of stone. And blue, light green and white minerals will bring harmony to the relationship of the sign’s representative with the Universe.
AriesIt is not recommended to use it, as the mineral will make Aries unbearable and cause quarrels with friends.

Stephen and people

Despite his semi-alien origins and incredible abilities, Steven never forgets that he is a simple boy from Earth. And the series would lose a huge share of its charm if it were otherwise. Steven is not a cookie-cutter superhero, he is a person - kind, sympathetic, sincere and childlike. He is not afraid to cry, he can be funny, angry, reckless and at the same time wise beyond his years.

Stephen loves pizza, donuts, TV series, Helicopter Dog movies, and slot machines. He makes friends easily and is friends with almost everyone in Beach Town. The residents of Plyazhny also love Steven and are not at all surprised by the strange neighborhood and the mysterious things that happen around them from time to time.

There are almost no supporting characters in Steven Universe - every inhabitant of the city is important, everyone has their own story, character, desires, everyone influences Steven and his attitude to the world. Girls from a pizzeria, a saleswoman from a donut shop, a guy who writes a blog about anomalous phenomena - all are given separate story arcs, which are no less interesting to follow than the adventures of the gems. From the first episodes, the cartoon acquired a bunch of fan theories - and half of them concern ordinary citizens.

Jasper for women

Ladies use the stone to meet their loved one. To keep their body in excellent shape, women can regularly wear a necklace, pendant, bracelet, ring, earrings with small stones, the shade of which is chosen depending on the problem.

A piece of mineral or a piece of furniture made from jasper helps to get rid of infertility. It is placed in the bedroom. By the way, the pebble improves sleep and fights insomnia.

To speed up conception, you need to carry a green pebble with you. Jasper in red shades not only helps in love magic, but also solves gynecological problems in women.

Jasper jewelry is especially useful for ladies named: Lily, Vera, Nina, Karina.

"Steven Universe": an animated series about love without borders

Four years ago, the Cartoon Network channel launched an animated series, which was comparable in success to “Gravity Falls” and “Adventure Time.”
If you just happen to watch it, you are very lucky, because Steven Universe is an adventure like no other. The story about a little boy and alien warriors protecting the Earth from enemies may seem naive from the first episode, from the third it will capture the atmosphere and excellent animation, and by the fifth you will already find yourself in the insidious web of the scriptwriters. Just a few episodes - and now you are already surfing the Internet and taking the “What kind of gem am I” test. But first things first.

Jasper for men

Representatives of the stronger sex use the mineral to achieve career growth. The stone helps to please your superiors.

Men should choose varieties of jasper in dark shades. Red jasper increases libido levels. The green stone helps travelers.

There are many scientific researchers among men. They definitely need to keep jasper with them. Scientific experiments will be successful. Representatives of the stronger sex do not wear beads and bracelets; they can use cufflinks, rosaries and rings with jasper.

Jasper relieves cowardice, gives courage and determination. In tsarist times, young ladies gave their beloved a jasper amulet, which was supposed to protect the beloved in battles. Jasper is recommended for men with the name: Alexander, Valentin, Vladimir, Grigory, Yaroslav, Mikhail, Daniil.

Stephen and Rebecca

Steven Universe is a pioneering animated series in many ways. Its creator, Rebecca Sugar, became the first female animator to whom Cartoon Network gave the green light to create her own full-fledged project - after her, for example, Daron Nefcy, the author of Star Princess and the Forces of Evil, received her own animated series.

Rebecca's cartoon was doomed to success. Sugar is one of the talented new wave of animators: she began her career on the Adventure Time team and managed to work side by side not only with Pendleton Ward, but also with the authors of “The Other Side of the Hedge” and “Bee and Puppycat”. “Steven” turned out to be very bright, with excellent animation, non-standard character designs, excellent voice acting and with a lot of references to classic films of the nineties like “Young Revolutionary Girl Utena”.

“Steven Universe” was that lucky case when the creator could create, and the studio and big bosses did not put a spoke in his wheels. Rebecca made a very personal cartoon: the main character was based on her younger brother Steven, and Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst adopted different facets of her personality from the creator.

About music

Do you like songs from Adventure Time? Many of the biggest hits in the world of Uuu were composed and performed on the ukulele by Rebecca Sugar! Composing music and songs is the artist's favorite hobby, so it is not surprising that Steven Universe sometimes tries to turn into a musical. The characters sing often and very well, both on funny and stupid, and on complex topics. Usually, from animated series, only the music from the opening is remembered, but this is not the case - Steven Universe is full of very catchy songs.

How to spot a fake

Rare types of jasper are highly valued, so there are those who want to make a copy of the gem (for example, from acrylic) and pass it off as the original. Knowledge about the characteristics of jasper, you will never buy a fake:

  1. Pay attention to the color and price. Too low a price, especially for products in blue shades, should alert you. The most common types of jasper in brown tones are rarely counterfeited. Jaspers of red, green and white colors are widespread.
  2. Jasper is characterized by a clear pattern and shiny surface. Vague drawings on the stone are a reason to refuse the purchase.
  3. Jasper is a “weighty” stone. If you have a weightless copy in your hands, it’s probably a fake. When heated, natural jasper does not lose its shape.
  4. Hold the pebble in your hands for about half an hour. The temperature of a real gem will not change. A fake will probably get hot.
  5. Natural jasper has an opaque shell.

Steven, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst

Steven has mentors, protectors and foster mothers - the gems Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst. All three are bright individuals and brave warriors.


The extravagant Amethyst can change shape, beat enemies with a whip, and loves to laze around and enjoy earthly food.


Pearl is proud, pedantic, but loyal and brave, a master of fencing and spearing.


Wise, calm and fair, Garnet is armed with brass knuckles and has the gift of foresight.

Each heroine has her own secrets and aces up her sleeve, but Garnet is the strongest and most difficult gem of the whole trinity. The point is that she is a stable fusion. It consists of two gems, Ruby and Sapphire, who love each other very much, so they can constantly be in fusion.

Moreover, both Garnet itself and other gems can create different fusions with each other - Sugilite, Opal, Alexandrite, Sardonyx, Rainbow Quartz, Malachite. Steven can merge with both gems and ordinary people.


Merging is at the same time a form of partnership, a way to become stronger, love and friendship, and in some cases, a method of captivity. To merge, gems must experience strong emotions for each other, not necessarily positive ones, and have a compelling reason for merging. The stronger and more confident the feelings, the more stable it is. In the Home World, only gems of one type had the right to enter into a fusion, and it was used strictly for utilitarian purposes - for example, in battle or during construction. Any other options were considered unnatural.

If at this point your brain exploded and you closed the article, you can understand. If you ran to Google the reference book of rocks and minerals before watching the series, then you experienced the full power and originality of Steven Universe. Agree, it’s not every day in a cartoon for children that you come across a well-developed SF universe about an intelligent non-human race with a rich backstory.

Although the crystal gems drove their aggressive relatives from the Earth many centuries ago, the ghosts of the past do not sleep. One of the matriarchs of the gem world, Yellow Diamond, sends warrior Jasper and scientist Peridot to Earth on an intelligence operation. An unfortunate, lost and very powerful Lapis Lazuli is discovered in a randomly found mirror.

Creepy semi-intelligent gem monsters appear in different parts of the world, and even in Beach City itself. Evil continually reaches out its tentacles to the crystal gems and Steven, forcing them to fight for the Earth, make difficult decisions and even lose friends.

How to wear and care

Jasper serves as a material for creating amulets, energy pyramids, meditation balls, and Chinese massage instruments. Interior items also have magical powers.

To prevent the stone from losing its power, it should be hidden from prying eyes. To protect against thieves, fires, and conflicts, keep the amulet at home in a secluded place.

To attract personal success, wear an amulet under your clothes, in your pocket or bag. An energetically powerful stone should not be carried with you all the time. To take full advantage of the power of a gem, determine if it is right for you and learn how to properly care for it:

  1. Jasper is a daystone. In the evening it becomes nondescript. It doesn’t lose its magical power, but it doesn’t work as a decoration. Despite this feature, the stone must be protected from exposure to sunlight. Hide decorations, do not place vases or figurines on the windowsill.
  2. The jasper talisman must be hidden not only from the sun, but also from prying eyes. The amulet is worn under clothing, in a pocket or bag.
  3. Jasper products should be stored separately from other ornamental stones so that the hard mineral does not damage its softer “neighbors.”
  4. Jasper is a hard, durable stone, but it should not be dropped. It is also not recommended to knock on the jasper surface. Otherwise, chips or cracks may appear on the product.
  5. Jasper is resistant to acids, but “defenseless” against alkalis, so protect the stone from exposure to alkaline compounds, cosmetics and detergents.
  6. Do not expose the jasper amulet to open fire. Sudden temperature changes can also damage the product.
  7. To cleanse a “used” amulet from accumulated negativity, you can “bury” the stone in salt for a day.

If you need to clean the gem, just wipe it with a soft cloth. A cloth can be moistened with a weak solution of vinegar. After which the product should be rinsed with running water and dried with a soft cloth. Jasper does not need polishing.

There is nothing difficult about working with jasper. Using amulets made from this gem is an effective and safe way to change your life for the better, improve your health and financial situation, and find love and success.

Stephen and a Brief Gemology

Gems are intelligent stones from a distant star system. This is a race with a totalitarian form of government and a rigid social hierarchy. Thousands of years ago they flew to Earth to pump out all its resources and destroy it. But there was a riot in the ranks of the gems, and a group of rebels from among the non-elite stones, the crystal gems, rebelled and started a civil war. Under the leadership of Rose Quartz, the crystal gems reclaimed the Earth in order to exist on it peacefully, freely and according to their own rules.

Zircon for men and women

This stone harmonizes well with both feminine and masculine energy, but prefers to choose its owner based on character traits. The gem exhibits its properties best in people who can be called:

  • ambitious;
  • purposeful;
  • assertive;
  • brave.

With its help, it is easier to achieve success and gain authority in the eyes of others, especially if a person is engaged in business or scientific activities. It doesn't matter whether it's a man or a woman. The main condition for the stone to work is to use only honest methods in achieving goals.

Main characteristics

Zircon is one of the most ancient minerals. Scientists have found an Australian specimen that is approximately 4.4 billion years old. The people who mined the stone first thought they were finding a diamond. But later, scientists began to analyze the chemical formula and structure of minerals and realized that zircon has different properties from it.

It is mined in the following places:

  • Sri Lanka;
  • Madagascar;
  • USA;
  • Canada;
  • Brazil;
  • Thailand;
  • Norway and others.

Zircon is often confused with zirconium and cubic zirconia, but they are actually three different substances.

The stone we are talking about is found in nature. Zirconium is a metal that is obtained from zircon. Cubic zirconium is also called cubic zirconia - it is an artificial crystal that is used in jewelry.

A real gem is of natural origin, therefore it has its own energy, healing and magical properties. Esotericists value it for this, although ordinary people do not use it as a talisman so often.

Stephen and the tough questions

Fairy tales should teach something good. Usually these are common truths about duty, honesty, faith in yourself and your purpose. Steven Universe has it all. But there is much more to it. Where the creators of the average animated series barely dare to hint at an adult serious subtext, Sugar delivers it directly.

Steven Universe tells us that diversity is healthy. That in imperfection lies real strength and beauty. That it’s not scary to be different from anyone, because the most important thing is who you are on the inside. And, probably, the main thing this series talks about is love.

As Rebecca Sugar has stated many times, her goal was to show that there are a million love scenarios and every person has a choice. Steven Universe teaches love in the most comprehensive sense: it doesn't matter who you are or who you love, as long as those feelings are real. All love has the right to exist as long as it is love.

This feature of the series caused heated controversy. In some countries, the cartoon was subject to censorship and changes in the voice acting, although there is not a single frame in it that could not be shown to children. “Steven Universe” is unlike any animated series created to date, and the very fact of its existence instills faith in humanity.


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