Aquarius Stones
Is the Garnet stone suitable for Aquarius women and men?
Stones suitable for the Aquarius zodiac sign are a number of jewelry varieties of minerals, precious and semi-precious
Blackening of skin from gold
Why the skin on the finger, ears, and neck turns black from gold: reasons, folk signs. Why does gold darken if it lies and is not used for a long time? Does medical, white gold darken?
Causes of blackening of gold. Gold is a very malleable, soft, yellow metal. This metal is accepted
pandora in purple
Charms for bracelets: what are they, types of beads made of gold and silver
The women's site "Beautiful and Successful" knows very well how much modern fashionistas dream of acquiring beautiful
Is the amethyst stone suitable for the zodiac sign of Virgo women and men?
When choosing a symbolic gift-stone, many of us want to make sure that it will not just become
Stones for Scorpios - temperamental and sensual
Scorpio is a very sexy and sensitive sign. People born under this constellation often become
Agate - stone of the year of the Dog
Virgo stone: which stones suit Virgo according to their zodiac sign
Talisman stones for Virgos Suitable stones for women and men - representatives of the sign Helper stones for
Why do silver chains darken and need cleaning?
How can you clean a silver chain from darkening and negative energy?
From this article you will learn: Why silver chains darken How to clean silver chains
Ring with a large lilac stone, tips for choosing jewelry with stones
What is a jewelry atelier and how to choose a stone that is right for you
Jewelry with precious stones does not go out of fashion, only the size of the stones, their quantity,
Jasper stone and the Zodiac sign: magical properties for women and men
Jasper or Jasper is a rock that is often found in nature. In old times
MERCURY (700x525, 286Kb)
What jewelry suits the Zodiac sign Virgo
What kind of Virgo is she? Virgo is a girl (or a man, of course!) who is very modest by nature.
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