What is 925 sterling silver and how is it different from regular alloy?

Silver has been used to make jewelry since time immemorial. Pure silver is characterized by increased softness; in view of this property, its alloys are used in the manufacturing process of silver products. Recently, Chinese 925 silver has become very popular: is it worth buying, we’ll figure it out below. In any case, it will be useful to read the reviews of those who have already purchased similar jewelry.

Chinese gold

Sample and alloy

The development of its deposits was most actively carried out in the 18th century. At this time, the largest volumes of this metal were mined. First of all, everyone notices the fabulously low prices for such jewelry. However, you shouldn't rejoice so soon. You can hear completely different reviews about such products. Therefore, first it’s worth understanding everything properly. Thus, a number of manufacturers position their products as “sterling silver”. But what is it really? The composition of this alloy is as follows: 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This alloy is called 925 standard. The photo shows a product made of such metal.


In order for sterling silver to always retain its beautiful, original appearance, you need to know how to store it correctly and what kind of care is needed. Proper care is the key to ensuring that jewelry never loses its original appearance:

  1. Jewelry should be stored in a dark place and where there is no high humidity. If silver is frequently exposed to sunlight, the metal will become darker;
  2. The most effective cleaning method is to rinse the jewelry in warm water. You need to add dishwashing detergent to the water, and then rinse the product again and wipe it with a cloth.


It is used to make almost all jewelry. So “sterling items” are not just trinkets. Such silver cannot cost little. Therefore, when you see a low price for such products, you should think twice.

Many people believe that buying 925-grade metal products made in China, as shown in the photo, is a pretty good deal. But in this case, you need to clearly understand that such jewelry requires special care. They need to be stored correctly, because due to the presence of copper in its composition, such products may darken upon contact with air. If this happens, you can use several proven tips for cleaning such metal. For example, use toothpaste and a brush.

If you see silver jewelry at a price lower than the market price, you should be wary. There are times when not the entire product, but only part of it, is made of high quality metal. At the same time, the tag indicating this 925 standard is still present on it. Why is this possible? This is a very profitable move for the manufacturer. For example, a stud earring is made of a cheap alloy, which is coated with silver plating, and its plug is made of high-quality metal. This trick makes it possible to hang a tag on the entire decoration.

Chinese sterling silver from Aliexpress


Today I would like to talk about Chinese sterling silver jewelry that I purchased from Aliexpress. This post will not be abusive, but rather positive.

Let me start with the fact that it is quite difficult for a girl on this site to resist buying herself some kind of trinket. And I'm no exception. For a long time my gaze lay on simple jewelry (pendants, watches, earrings), but soon I could not help but switch to my favorite silver. My main dream has always been a ring (in addition to saving it). Yes, but most stores don’t carry my size. Or they are very massive, which I don’t like. Nature, unfortunately, although perhaps fortunately, has rewarded me with thin, short fingers. And the size that I wear and I know is 16. Although it might fit 15.5

I wandered around the site for a long time in search of a cute ring (and by the way, many fell in line with my tastes.) But one day I wondered: How am I going to order? The Chinese sizing chart is completely incomprehensible to me! After surfing the Internet, I found a better explanation for my brain. And most importantly, it turned out to be effective! Here are two examples:



The only thing you need to check is whether the seller makes his product according to US standards. He writes about this in the column of his table. Then the matter remains small . Although even after I found out everything, the fear of buying the wrong thing did not go away) I struggled for two weeks and finally did it!

  • The first and so far only ring with Ali.


Seller: ULOVE Fashion Jewelry

Product: Spanshot

More details:

For my size, I ordered 5.5. Usually such numbers appear in the table in sales as 1/2. (For example, 5 1/2) And when selected, it remains 5.5. In reality the decoration is the same as on the website. Although it does not seem very small, it looks feminine on the finger. True, because I brought it as close as possible, my fingers became like sausages)) Made carefully, with high quality. Everything is holding up well. The pebble is an imitation of a diamond. It sparkles and shimmers, as it should. The ring has hallmark 925. It has hearts all around (except for a small plate at the back). Perhaps that is why on the site it is listed as an engagement dress, or for lovers. For each order price, the seller has a gift system. I got an unknown thing that looked like an amulet)

Speaking of the dearest, I want to say separately : To this day I cannot get enough of him. Great girl. I sent everything quickly. Packed to perfection. The decoration was in a pimply piece (not in the photo) in a bag and a gift bag.

In general, I did a good job) I provided a tracking track. I already miss my rank. Delivery was of course free. And reached me in a record-breaking 8 days ! They also called from the post office, saying that the citizen would pick up the parcel. Either something didn’t work for them, or there were new rules, I still don’t understand)

Well, we're done about the ring. Now I’ll tell you more briefly about the pendant.

  • Here he is handsome:

Seller: Lan Ali's store

Product: Spanshot

More details:

As you have already noticed, it is also in the shape of a heart. To be honest, I didn’t choose it on purpose, it was just a coincidence. I took a closer look at the pendant and ordered it right away. There was nothing to measure here and there was no point in torturing yourself.

I fell in love with it precisely because of the beautiful weaves in the form of flowers. This is how it looks from one side and the other. The seller's photo matches reality, which of course makes me very happy. True, if you look closely you can see a slight crookedness closer to the beginning (to the ring), and only on one side. You will hardly be able to see it, and you won’t be able to take another photo yet. Otherwise it’s absolutely beautiful….lepooota. The pendant is medium in size. About 3x3 cm with kopecks. The chain is not to say that it is long. If memory serves, about 22 cm. The sample is located both on the heart itself and on the lock of the chain. I read reviews, most of them write that it doesn’t get dark even after six months. Although we all know that any silver becomes tarnished over time and needs to be cleaned.

Regarding the seller and the rest: I won’t write eulogies here. I waited a long time for my pendant. Until the end of order protection + also with an extension for a week. I don’t remember about the sending speed, but it doesn’t seem to take long. They didn't give me the track. The store has a minimum order, which naturally I overlooked, although my eyesight is generally good, so I received tracking without a track. On the site, of course, he was listed according to the rules, but, as you understand, he was left-wing. On account of delivery - now there is a fee - 90 rubles. At one time I managed to do it during the free period.

These are the pies, my dears. By the way, I took all these decorations for no more than 200 rubles.

Have a nice shopping!)


  • If you try, you can find a lot of negative reviews from buyers of similar products. For example, there are situations when manufacturers use 925-grade metal, but instead of the declared semi-precious and precious stones, they use artificial stones. After all, an inexperienced buyer will not be able to identify a fake “by eye.” And thanks to this practice, Chinese manufacturers save significantly on the production of such jewelry;
  • However, you can often hear positive statements. So many people, when purchasing Chinese-made jewelry, are satisfied. They wear it for more than two years, and absolutely nothing happens to the products: they do not darken, do not fade, or become deformed.

What is the difference between silver, white gold and platinum?

Silver, platinum and white gold are considered “white” metals, although they all have a similar appearance. They are difficult to distinguish by appearance, but they are completely different in composition. Sterling silver is the least expensive of these. With proper care and cleaning, it can well serve as an alternative to white gold and platinum.

White gold is a harder metal and is often used as a base for gemstones. It is durable, does not fade, and retains its shine. However, gold is significantly more expensive and is typically reserved for more elegant jewelry items such as wedding rings.

Platinum is the hardest and most durable white metal, often used for rings and small braids. However, the durability and appearance of platinum is reflected in its cost. A $30 .925 sterling silver ring would cost about $200 in white gold. If it were made of platinum, the price would be about $600.

Sometimes there are cases when silver products can cost several times more than platinum and gold - these are old antique jewelry or cutlery. They carry a great history, the names of great masters, marks of famous factories and are highly valued. Such exhibits are very prestigious and unique of their kind.

As a result, we can say that 925 sterling silver is one of the cheapest, but at the same time beautiful and durable metals.

Tiffany - original or copy

You can find many Chinese sites on the Internet. They offer to purchase copies of the most famous jewelry brands at absolutely meager prices. And not everyone can distinguish a fake from the original, so all sorts of frauds involving the substitution of original silver items for their cheap copies become possible. You should not trust dubious sellers who promise you “mountains of gold”. Tiffany and other jewelry brands do not practice:

  • sales;
  • wholesale trade;
  • or working with cheap alloys of unknown origin and composition.

Recommendations for care, cleaning and storage

Store sterling silver in designated dark areas. Let it be a pouch made of a thick, opaque material, such as leather or suede, or a separate compartment in your jewelry box.

It is impossible to clean such things using mechanical force. It is better to use special compounds that can be purchased at a jewelry store, or contact the jeweler directly. Experts recommend cleaning your sterling jewelry at the first sign of oxidation.

A great way to return a shiny look to sterling items is to boil it in a soda solution. For a glass of water, a tablespoon of soda and food foil at the bottom of the container are enough. Boil for 15 minutes.

Useful tips

To determine without the involvement of a professional what metal was used to make the product, you can use the only reliable method. This method is analysis using nitric acid;

  • Apply one drop of nitric acid to the metal part of the jewelry;
  • If the product turns green, you have silver-plated brass or cupronickel, the price of which is significantly lower than silver;
  • If it turns creamy, you have sterling silver;
  • If it turns black, then this means pure metal.

Versions of the origin of the name

  1. The main version of the etymology of sterling silver is the one that says that it came from a coin used in England in the 12th century - the sterling;
  2. There is another explanation - this name comes from a famous family from Germany - the Easterlings. Money was minted in honor of this family, and the British allegedly took a fancy to these coins and they entered into a trade agreement with the Germans.

If we adhere to the second version, then the ancestors of the silver sterling coin are the Germans, not the British. Later, this coin became widespread throughout the planet.

Reason to think

The market economy is far from fairy-tale fantasies; it is hardly possible to buy Solomon’s silver ring several times cheaper than its cost. However, realistic prices are also a reason to be wary - perhaps this is the same brass jewelry, but much more expensive.

Do you like to play roulette and love adrenaline? Welcome to the expanses of foreign online trading! Brave experimenters who are willing to pay for their experiments are at a premium there.

Only Solomon's ring is made of genuine silver, you will never find low-quality jewelry at sales.

King Solomon's ring is a symbol of wisdom, and wisdom has nothing to do with it.

How to bargain when buying silver?

In addition to the relevance of the purchased jewelry, the wholesaler should also be interested in how much silver costs in Thailand and what batch he will be able to buy with the money he has. Thai sellers love to bargain no less than Arabs

In any trade tent you can bargain for savings of up to 20%, and as the quantity purchased increases, the discount will also increase. That’s why you need to carefully choose a store for purchasing in order to buy everything in one place, and ultimately save up to 50% of the figure indicated on the original price tag.

In Thailand, bargaining needs to be done gently and courteously. Start by trying to negotiate 15-20% of the original price without insulting the seller by trying to sell a $10 piece of jewelry for $1. When the merchant is willing to concede, decide to increase the amount you buy the jewelry with, which usually results in another 10-15% discount from the merchant.

But keep in mind that no one will give you the price for minimum purchases. Some merchants even warn that the minimum purchase in their shop is only 3,000 baht. This does not mean that they won’t sell you one pair of earrings, just don’t be surprised, but you will have to pay for them the price indicated on the price tag, without concessions. And when buying for a thousand dollars, on the contrary, the seller himself will offer to discuss a discount, for this he will take you to the meeting room, and there you can leisurely discuss all the details.

Savings in selection

Not silver, oh well! It’s beautiful and shiny, if you get tired of it, you can throw it away, don’t mind. Just know what you get, albeit for little money:

  • Questionable quality. Chinese silver jewelry is quite fragile and requires careful handling. Long-lived products last 2 years; most break down or become unpresentable much earlier.
  • Unknown composition. In Chinese jewelry, meticulous buyers discovered lead and nickel, which cause an allergic reaction, as well as dyes. Not the most suitable composition for “shooting” silver, right?
  • No guarantees. The distant seller does not bear any responsibility to Russian buyers: the return rate is very small, and there are practically no people willing to deal with this procedure. It is not surprising that the orders of our compatriots are often treated inattentively - they send blatant defects and leftover sizes.

By the way, high-quality jewelry, which you can buy in any shopping center, costs the same, but will last much longer. And if you calculate the costs of products that turned out to be outright defective, do not match the photo or are not the right size, then the benefit is more than dubious.

Of course, a low price can cover a number of shortcomings and make you turn a blind eye to some flaws. But, before you count the money you will save on buying precious jewelry, think about the fact that the Chinese Solomon ring will have to be removed at night and constantly cleaned. This fate, which is suitable for inexpensive “disposable” jewelry, is unacceptable for a piece of jewelry with meaning - a faithful friend and helper. The ring of King Solomon simply must be comfortable and of high quality, so as not to cause any trouble to its owner and bring joy for many years.

Of course, not all Chinese stores are the same: high-quality silver products can be found everywhere, but their cost will not be lower than $6-10 per 1 gram, and not for the entire piece of jewelry. That is, no lower than in the jewelry store around the corner.

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